No Marriage Equality in RI This Year

So an interesting article pops up in the Providence Journal. In it they quote the legislative leadership. I already knew about Billy Boy Murphy the House Speaker. But now Senate President Paiva-Weed (She of the hyphen) is registering her opposition?

Through a spokesman, Murphy said last week that: “A marriage in my eyes is between a man and a woman.” Paiva Weed affirmed that she too remains opposed. Why? “That is my personal position.” She will not elaborate, but says: “As a member of my community, I feel that I am in tune with them.”

As a member of your community? Sweetheart you’ve been pretty supportive of gay people over the years why the sudden change of tune? Could it be a certain Bishop?

What the fuck! I want my civil rights and I want them now, not three years from now. I’m reminded of Judge Hurst’s advice to the women in the Ormiston v. Chambers case. Hurst said that the women mounted their challenge on the wrong grounds, that if they brought it under a constitutional basis the court would more than likely find in their favor and invalidate the Family Court Act of 1967.

Why the hell hasn’t there been a court challenge for gay marriage in Rhode Island? The denial of rights under Article 1 Section 2 is clear as day. So why won’t anyone step forward and do it, sue for the right to marry.

I’ve heard it said that the RI Judiciary is hostile to the cause. I say we’ll never know unless we try.

You don’t know how pissed off I am right now. It’s another year of testimony, another year of committee approval and another year of our rights being denied.

This shit has to stop and stop now. I’ve heard people say RI has bigger problems. I think invalidation of the Family Court Act of 1967 would be one of those big problems. And you know what, I think we need it to embarrass the legislature.

I can’t wait for the hearing on Thursday. I’m going to pretty much echo what I’ve said in this post. I’m tired of being told I’m a second class citizen and taxpayer. Yes I’m a taxpayer you assholes in the legislative leadership.

Fuck you William Murphy and my severe scorn for Paiva-Weed and Governor Carcieri.

I say this because all of these people hide behind their electability. The Governor can just give it up, he’s a lame duck now anyhow.

5 thoughts on “No Marriage Equality in RI This Year

  1. It is inappropriate to discriminate. It isn’t about what is convenient or what will get you elected. To truly be a public official one must answer to higher moral standards. Support of gay marriage may not be popular but it is absolutely the right thing to do and not tomorrow but now.

  2. I’m always amazed by political power whores. They often say what we want to hear to get elected, but seldom follow through with conviction and character.

    I’m pretty much convinced that in order to change the way these people function (not work, but function) we must convert the economy from green dollars to lavender dollars and use that capital leverage against them.


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