They Just Don’t Stop

The religious fruitcakes are going like crazy.

There is a bill floating in the legislature that would codify all the sex education programs in the schools. In my opinion this isn’t a bad thing since everyone would be on the same page.

There is however one known character who shows up to testify at many bills involving sexuality. That would be Chris Young.

Here is the quote:

At last night’s hearing, Christopher Young, a former Providence mayoral candidate, asserted that studies have shown sex education does little to curb sexual activity. Parents and clergy, he said, should be the resources for that, and he contended Walsh’s bill would undermine them.

Young also attacked a provision that the instruction must not “teach or promote religion.” “What right does the state have to say that God isn’t involved in procreation?” he demanded.

Parents and clergy? And what happens when there is no clergy or the parents have never had a decent education regarding sexuality? Young exposes himself here ({Shudder}, I wish I could find a recent pic so you could see how repulsive he is.) as a religious freak.

Anyhow while it may not reduce the sexual activity, at least it’ll give kids the information they need to protect themselves. And I’m all for it. Put it this way, even though my first twelve years of schooling were in Catholic schools, we had sex education. Even covered, horror of horrors, homosexuality. But I never got the talk from my parents. Certainly my father had knowledge having been in the Navy. But he never broached the subject with me.

Young’s second paragraph is laughable. His god has nothing to do with procreation. Procreation, or more accurately reproduction owes more to biochemistry and genetics than anything else. If there was a god do you really think he would just leave a few documents around, knowing that we humans are so adaptable that just about anything could be believed?

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