Month: March 2009

My letter to Speaker Murphy and Governor Carcieri re: Marriage Equality

I sent this letter to both Speaker Murphy and Governor Carcieri. Both have already registered their opposition but I think we all need to write, email and call both men and explain why marriage equality should be allowed to run its full course in the house, senate and signed by the governor.

Speaker Murphy,

I know that you’ve already registered your opposition to marriage equality in Rhode Island and so too has the Governor and the Senate President. But I’m very encouraged by the fact that H5744 has 30 co-sponsors, including House Majority Leader Gordon Fox and Finance Committee Chair Steven Costantino. Not to mention the fact that you now have at least two openly gay representatives in your chamber. I can just imagine their frustration with the inaction on this matter since my level of frustration with this has been growing for the past three or four years.

Please watch this interview with NY Governor Patterson regarding marriage equality. I think you’ll find it enlightening.

I urge you to ignore the straw-man arguments of Bishop Tobin and the National Organization for Marriage and let go of the emotivism that continues to prop up your opposition and for once let this bill come to a full vote with your support. That’s the other thing, the average voter in Rhode Island has the political memory of a gnat. It won’t really matter.

Gay people aren’t the bogey man, we aren’t as Tobin would have you believe polygamists (Actually the correct term for use would also include polyandry but we’ll ignore that for the moment.), or believe that we’re pedophiles, etc. For the most part we’re normal people with the same concerns and behaviors as everyone else.

The other states that have marriage equality have done so via judicial means and I strongly suspect that if the legislature quashes marriage equality again we’ll see RI go this path too.

I of course modified the letter when I sent it via Carcieri’s web form, which btw I can’t stand but they mask his email address now. I’m sure I could probably obtain it but it’s not worth the effort at this point.

Feel free to quote from it should you wish.