Our numbers are legion

The Providence Journal in its coverage of Governor Carcieri joining forces with the National Organization for Marriage put it’s poll on marriage equality back online.

Here are the current numbers:

ProJo Marriage Equality Poll Results as of April 10, 2009
ProJo Marriage Equality Poll Results as of April 10, 2009

56.99% in favor, 43.01% opposed. In other words 57/43. We’re bumping up towards 60% which means we now have majority support.

It has to happen sooner or later, either via legislative or judicial avenues. Its just that RI is starting to look foolish since our two nearest neighbors, MA and CT both have marriage equality and the sky hasn’t fallen yet.

Sure we get the likes of NOM with their most recent ad, howling about how a doctor gets abused, or how we take away choice. It’s all based on religious beliefs anyhow. Too bad, religion had its chance to be a force for good in the world. Instead they’ll now try to use marriage equality as a wedge issue. But people aren’t buying the bullshit any longer.

The tide is turning. Someone had posted a snapshot of NOM’s YouTube ratings, 99% of the time they got 1 star on their videos. I flagged a number as hate speech.

4 thoughts on “Our numbers are legion

  1. You know, it’s one of these issues, where I hate the governor for being a jerk and trying to put the rights of a minority up for a public vote. At the same time though, I kind of hope it actually comes to that, because it’s abundantly clear that he would be completely embarrassed by the outcome of the vote. And that’s exactly what he needs: a highly public, unquestionable embarrassment.

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