Californians against Hate fight back!

This is great news. The anti equality groups are really having a tough time pushing their message. It is a Sisyphean task when you really think about it.

And even the architect of John McCain’s campaign has come out and said the GOP has to embrace marriage equality! Not to mention McCain’s wife and daughter trying to peddle the softer side of the GOP. Sorry but that is a tough sell. I see the GOP as the Party of Business. Remember that one? Their mantra seems to be cut taxes and increase spending. We’re going to pay the price of that one for a long time.

But it proves that everything being put forth by the National Organization for Marriage is deceitful and fraudulent. Not to mention I strongly suspect that NOM has a mole inside, how else could they not know what M4M stands for?

Californians against Hate/Mormongate
Californians against Hate/Mormongate

But I will say without a doubt that the Roman Catholic Church is involved with this too. Curiously I can’t find any records of the formation of NOM in RI, which means this is being driven from elsewhere. So I cannot get any financial info on the organization.

But if the Catholic church still has any money left, I’m pretty sure based on their lobby activity against marriage equality that they kicked a few bucks into NOM. Consider that Bishop Tobin and parish priest John Codega are both NOM ‘advisers’.

But of course church financial records are restricted, lest anyone get any idea how much all that real estate is really worth.

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One thought on “Californians against Hate fight back!

  1. What is it about the proposers of Proposition Hate that they get all worked up about what other people do with their naugty bits? It can only be some sort of hatred, some sort of irrational fear, perhaps, of gay people. These types often talk of the “threat to marriage”, as if each marriage of a same-sex couple were somehow going to unravel that of an opposite-sex couple, by the arcane machinations of some sort of cosmic mathematics weaving the fate of inhabitants of space-time. Perhaps it’s been done already, but I’d dearly like to hear one of them challenged during a serious debate on this, and asked: “Just why is a same-sex marriage a threat to your marriage or that of your Uncle Bill?”

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