More on the 2010 Gubenatorial Election in RI

Ok, I’ve already covered Independent (Formerly Republican) Lincoln Chafee. He support marriage equality.

The other likely candidates on the Democratic side are:

1) Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts. I’ve gotten word that she supportsmarriage equality. Further I have to be candid, I don’t think she has a very good shot at Governor. I’ve never really seen a Lt. Gov move up to the big chair. Same goes for Attorney Generals. But she does have the benefit of it being an open contest since incumbent Carcieri cant’ run again.

2) Current Attorney General Patrick Lynch. Based on his statements regarding marriage equality in MA, and the fact that his sister is gay, I suspect we’d have his support. I estimate his chances as poor since AG’s make a lot of enemies.

3) Current Treasurer Frank Caprio. I believe he is the most likely to be our next governor. I have sent an email asking his official position.

I don’t know who the Republican candidates are going to be, but I feel it’s a moot point since Chafee is running as an independent.

Look for more updates on this blog.

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