Month: April 2009

Grab Bag: Graffiti, Tea Party, and Gay Marriage

I wish I’d had the camera with me again. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow and capture it all for posterity sake.


Here are the graffiti pix:

Kill the Rich
Kill the Rich

Revolt: Kill some Bankers
Revolt: Kill some Bankers

Lately I’m seeing more and more political graffiti, stuff like:

“Kill the Rich” and “Revolt: Kill the Bankers”

Then we have the teabaggers. Someone obviously didn’t do their homework, for the definition of teabagging is dipping ones scrotum in another persons mouth. But then, we have the National Organization for Marriage trying to use the acronym 2M4M. I guess nobody ever told them what M4M stands for, it means Male for Male. Doh! But someone beat NOM to the punch check out, (They also redirect to the .org address and the .com address is registered by someone other than NOM!)

Here are some pictures from the Tax Day Tea Party in Providence, RI

Forward Post of RI Teabagging Event
Forward Post of RI Teabagging Event
Taking Names!
Taking Names!
The Center of it All
The Center of it All

And finally one anti-immigrant sign:


You’ll have to pardon the video. It’s a bit jumpy and sometimes wind noise drowns everything out. It was very windy today.

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Movie Review: Second Skin

Let me first say it isn’t a bad movie, and Jeebus love the Europeans for not thinking male nudity is something for which one should be ashamed.

That said, I found it a little formulaic. E.g. married guy starts an affair with another guy. Wife finds tantalizing clues but doesn’t make connection that her man is having an affair with another hombre.

Then her man forgets his cellphone at home one day. She starts going through voice mails only to discover her mans male lover has left a message. I have one question, what idiot doesn’t password protect his cellphone voicemail? Wait, wait. I know some carriers that use the Caller ID (CLID)to authenticate. It’s how my friend was able to check up on her man because she was able to spoof the CLID (With my help of course!)

Wife confronts husband. Husband confronts lover. On again, off again, on again.

Love btw is a surgeon which tips the plot about 20 or so minutes into the movie.

We see the scene where people have moved on. Hubbie separates from Wifey, tries to glom onto loverboy. Loverboy isn’t having it so hubby being his juvenile self (I know that feeling well!) speeds off on motorcycle, sans helmet. Next you hear a crash and there’s loverboy mouth agape. Then the obligatory hospital scene, and finally the funeral.

Sorry if I spoiled it for you. But it follows the typical gay movie plan. The protagonist dies at the end.

Health Care Stories

This evening I attended a Spaghetti Dinner sponsored by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI).

Met up with a couple of people on Sheldon’s staff that I had worked with when we were all at the RI Secretary of State’s office. Overall all about 130 people showed up for the event.

The event was MC’d by Providence Mayor David Ciciline:

Mayor Ciciline MCs Health Care Dinner
Mayor Ciciline MC's Health Care Dinner

And then Sheldon got up to say a few words before handing microphones out to the crowd:

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

It was a bit of a political who’s who, what with city councilmen John Lombardi (Ward, 13) , Nick Narducci (Ward 4), Peter Mancini (Ward 14), Terry Hasset (Ward 12), and Michael Solomon (Ward 5) and Rep. Grace Diaz. Also in attendance was Providence Police Chief Dean Esserman. One commonality among the politicians that attended, they all represent areas with a large number of elderly and economically disadvantaged.

There were some compelling stories. I didn’t tell mine but I’ve gone without treatment for this inner ear condition because I don’t even have coverage at this point. And the nerve sectioning in the inner ear won’t be cheap I’m sure. Other people were talking about the $15,000 for this, $7,000 for that, etc. The time and money wasted because we don’t have a viable public health care solution yet.

Sheldon did talk about a public insurance program. And he alluded to something that I should have asked but didn’t. He says that the public system will cause the private system to shape up. I suspect the public system would drain off the more expensive cases from the private insurers. In order to balance the system strong regulation would need to be put in place. Perhaps a fair system for those with expensive chronic conditions would be to create a pool of insurers including the public and assign people to those insurers by random lottery. This way all plans would share in the care for chronic conditions.

Sheldon did touch on efficiencies in health care delivery which is encouraging. But the idea of a for-profit insurer or a for-profit health provider runs counter to my beliefs. I don’t mean doctors and nurses should be taking a lower rate of pay, but that hospitals and insurers need to change the focus form providing for the shareholders to providing for the insured.

Our numbers are legion

The Providence Journal in its coverage of Governor Carcieri joining forces with the National Organization for Marriage put it’s poll on marriage equality back online.

Here are the current numbers:

ProJo Marriage Equality Poll Results as of April 10, 2009
ProJo Marriage Equality Poll Results as of April 10, 2009

56.99% in favor, 43.01% opposed. In other words 57/43. We’re bumping up towards 60% which means we now have majority support.

It has to happen sooner or later, either via legislative or judicial avenues. Its just that RI is starting to look foolish since our two nearest neighbors, MA and CT both have marriage equality and the sky hasn’t fallen yet.

Sure we get the likes of NOM with their most recent ad, howling about how a doctor gets abused, or how we take away choice. It’s all based on religious beliefs anyhow. Too bad, religion had its chance to be a force for good in the world. Instead they’ll now try to use marriage equality as a wedge issue. But people aren’t buying the bullshit any longer.

The tide is turning. Someone had posted a snapshot of NOM’s YouTube ratings, 99% of the time they got 1 star on their videos. I flagged a number as hate speech.

Fuck you Governor Carcieri

That’s right, fuck you! You rotten son of a fucking bitch.

Check this out:

The Associated Press
Published: April 7, 2009

PROVIDENCE – Gov. Don Carcieri has loaned his support to a campaign against same-sex marriage as Rhode Island lawmakers debate legalizing such unions.

The Republican governor will appear Wednesday at a news conference with members of the state chapter of the National Organization for Marriage. The group plans to unveil an ad campaign that will run in states viewed as battlegrounds in the debate over same-sex unions.

Gay marriage is not recognized in Rhode Island. Bills permitting same-sex marriage and civil unions have stalled in the State House for years. Senate lawmakers debated a proposal Tuesday giving certain rights short of marriage to gay couples.

Vermont on Tuesday became the third New England state to legalize gay marriage, joining Massachusetts and Connecticut.

So now we have asshat Carcieri joining forces with the National Organization for Marriage (There’s that fucking oxymoron again!). I can’t wait for 2010 to roll around. I plan to be there when he leaves office and I will be the one tossing rotten eggs. At this point I can virtually guarantee that marriage equality will be granted by the judiciary in Rhode Island. The legislature is too chickenshit to move on this, and the Governor, we know which side his bread is buttered on.

I’d prefer it go through the courts anyhow because I see this as a civil rights issue. My rights under the Rhode Island Constitution are being violated on a daily basis. See for yourself, check it out, Article 1 Section 2 and I submit that Article 1 Section 5 also covers it. And while we’re at it lets invoke the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

I am sick and tired of being told I’m a second class or non citizen. The time has come to follow the lead of other states in New England and grant us marriage equality now, not three years from now, but NOW!

Troppe Informazioni Martedì Numero Centoottanta Uno (TMI #181)

1. Have you ever had a sexual experience with the opposite sex?

Yes I have. It went on for about a year before I finally got it through my own head that I was gay.

2. When you see someone you like, how do you act, how do you get their attention?

I’m a cool customer. But then I can also be as brutally direct as a speeding car going towards a solid concrete wall.

3. Dominate or dominated, which do you prefer?

I’m more dominant but every once in a while it’s nice to flip it a bit.

4. Would you/ Have you ever had a threesome?

Hasn’t everyone? I’ll be honest, they’re not much fun. Now a foursome, the odds of finding someone you sexually click with is much higher.

5. When was the last time you had sex?

I’m going to pull a Bill Clinton here and refuse to answer this one until we define what constitutes sex.

6. Sex on the first date…good or bad?

Neither good or bad. But there is nothing like a test drive if you know what I’m saying.

7. Do you have any random or out of the ordinary turn ons?

No, they’re pretty vanilla. They fall in line with pretty much every else. I don’t need to be tickled by the whole chicken, a feather will do. And you don’t need whips and chains. If you want to turn me on be good looking/cute and a good kisser.

8. What attributes attract you to a potential partner.

I like strong, thick features.