Prop 8 Ruling Protest in Providence, RI

This is great. I think it’s really pushing use to be more assertive in our quest for our rights.

3 thoughts on “Prop 8 Ruling Protest in Providence, RI

  1. In my opinion, we should give a reasonable time (absolutely no more than 6 months) for the R.I. General Assembly to create a remedy in this matter (i.e., pass a civil marriage equality statute) that would not be inconsistent with Article 1, section 2 of the R.I. Constitution, which was intended to be a “self-executing” constitutional provision (i.e., no further legislative action is required). If they do not, I would get a lawyer/advocacy group to bring an action for a Writ of Mandamus against Paiva-Weed, Murphy and company (to force them to put it to a vote).

    [My usual disclaimer: I am not an attorney. Never interpret anything said or written by me as legal advice].

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