NOM’s Bogus RI Poll

The National Organization for Marriage (There’s that oxymoron again!) recently engaged one Victor Profughi of Quest Research to poll RI’ers on their attitudes regarding marriage equality.

Here are the poll results.

They’re essentially saying there isn’t majority support for marriage equality in the state of Rhode Island.

Earlier they’d let slip demographic data for poll, and I noted 36% of their respondents were age 65 or older.

Interestingly I ran the query of all registered voters in RI and come up with only 19% that are 65 or older. If I do 50 or older I end up with 45%.

So Quest, Profughi and NOM are telling a major fib here. 36% compared to 19% is beyond the margin of error.

This isn’t the first time that NOM has been caught telling a lie and it certainly won’t be the last.

BTW, I emailed my findings to both the marriage equality folks and to Maggie Gallagher. I’ll be most interested when I get a response from Gallagher. So far she’s always been one to flip it and send it back my way.

Here’s the stats I pulled from the RI Central Voter Registration System:

691,778 Total Registered Voters
314,269 Age 50 or older

45% of registered voters that are 50 or older.
19% of registered voters that are 65 or older

This leaves me to wonder exactly where the firm of Victor Profughi is getting their data? They can always get a copy of the voter database. My guess is they just polled the NOM mailing list.

One thought on “NOM’s Bogus RI Poll

  1. Glad I cruised over, haven’t been by in a little while. This is great fact finding. Have you heard back from the Marriage Equality folks?
    Is it getting reported?
    On my way to twitter this one.

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