Single Payer Healthcare in the U.S NOW!

Watch this video and tell me that the U.S. insurance industry isn’t just using FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) to try to derail a universal health plan here.

Some parts from the video I think you’ll enjoy.

First you’ll see President Obama, who I’m not too pleased with at the moment, waffling away from answering a question on single payer aka universal health care.

Then we have psychiatrist David Gratzer being questioned by Congressman Dennis Kucinich. That part is absolutely priceless and we watch Gratzer try to be flippant and Kucinich pressing on with the questions.

Contrary to what you’ve seen on TV ads, wait times in Canada are NOT months for an MRI. When I had my MRI here in the U.S. it took over a month to get the appointment, then another month for the results. Had it been a cancerous tumor it would have probably grown to the point where treatment would be more difficult.

Took close to 3 months to get in to see my M.D. That’s with decent insurance.

So the Canadian system looks mighty attractive to me.

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