RI Senator Leo Blais (R) Coventry in trouble again

The only reason I’m posting this is because Blais is one of our most vociferous enemies in the Rhode Island Senate. At marriage equality hearings he likes to say that he hears from ALL of his constituents when the reality is that he only hears from perhaps a small number of them.

I made this point in a meeting I attended at MERI. Most of our legislators only hear from us when we’ve got something to gripe about, they never get any encouragement from their constituents. I’ve made the point that we should all be contacting those legislators that support marriage equality and thanking them for that support and asking them to help us move it forward.

But Blais, he’s just a jackass plain and simple. Apparently he’s being sanctioned by the board of Rhode Island Board of Pharmacy.

From the article:

PROVIDENCE — The state Board of Pharmacy has taken disciplinary action against Sen. Leo R. Blais, R-Coventry, for a spate of violations uncovered in a routine inspection of his pharmacy, Pawtuxet Valley Prescription Center, in October 2007, including poor record keeping, a failure to segregate “outdated, unusable and mislabeled” medications to make sure none were dispensed and “misbranded drugs.”

The board voted unanimously on Thursday to publicly reprimand him and place him on probation for two years, during which time he will be monitored and be required to submit quarterly reports “evidencing compliance.”

And this isn’t Blais’ first time in the rodeo:

In 1999, the board suspended his licenses as a pharmacist, a pharmacy registrant (the person responsible for a pharmacy), and as a pharmaceutical wholesaler for six months but stayed the suspensions, instead placing Blais on probation for one year. The violations then included errors in dispensing drugs, dispensing drugs without a valid prescription and poor record keeping.

So in ten years Sen. Blais has been looked at by the Board of Pharmacy twice. During that time he’s also filed a Chapter 11 re-organization on his pharmacy.

Perhaps Senator Blais should resign from the Senate and focus on his business.

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