New Rule: Not Everything in America Has to Make a Profit

In essence, we’re paying for all the hangers on and sycophants.

Look at the health care debacle. You now have full integration between banks and insurance companies. That was a bad idea from the start because the prime motivation of a bank is to make money.

Then look at the plethora of insurers out there now. It got so bad that practitioners couldn’t manage to do their own billing so they had to hire billing companies.

A few years back I worked for the state AG’s office. Seems there was one doctor who was up-coding all his Medicare patient visits. We had a horrible time trying to get the data from the billing company. They came to a meeting with their IT Director and put on a dog and pony show that they only held 3 months of data.

We managed to get the data and prove that the doctor was doing the up-coding to cover an IRS debt. Packaged it up and gave it to the federal prosecutors.

Years later their I.T. Director puts his resume in for a position at the state agency I was working for at the time. We brought him in for an interview during which he sweat bullets. I lobbied hard to bring him in because he had the skill set we were seeking.

He later admitted to me that the company management had told him to lie at the meeting.
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