Puzzling out Obama’s stand on gay equality

You know, I’ve been watching candidate Obama and even President Obama and both seem to make the correct noises about equality yet neither of them actually DOES anything about it.

I think I’ve figured out what is going on. This video from the Rachel Maddow show was what lead me to this theory.

It features Florida congressman Alcee Hastings. He had submitted an amendment to a bill that would deny funding for Don’t ask/Don’t Tell prosecutions. He says that both the Democratic leadership and the Obama appointed liaison quashed the amendment.

Here’s my theory. President Obama will continue to make noises, and to give the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously to Harvey Milk, and to Billie Jean King, as well as Senator Ted Kennedy, all were/are gay rights proponents.

But at the same time he wants congress to end both DADT and DOMA.

But Congress is loathe to act with the 2010 election cycle so close. They want to seal their majority in the House too. So we’ll not see any end to DADT or DOMA until after 2010. But then it’s the 2012 Presidential Election cycle as well as yet another congressional election cycle. Are we going to be pushed off to 2012? 2014? 2020?

With that in mind I announce my candidacy for President of the Unites States in 2012. I am ultra left liberal. I’ll do more in a single term through executive order than any of our past ten presidents. DADT, gone, DOMA gone. Marriage equality a reality throughout the U.S. Don’t care if I only serve one term and more to the point I’ll call out the blue dog Democrats and the Repugs, even call them assholes on national television.

So would you vote for me?

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