Uh oh – my tolerance is going up and other news

The wine bottle collection in the kitchen is growing. It’s up to a dozen bottles. These are wines we like.

But I’ve already drunk three glasses of Bordeaux and am on glass number four which is the Samuar. And I’m not feeling drunk at all.

I did have a good job interview today. It’s one that for which I’m very qualified. I’ll see what happens but it would be nice. It takes 15 minutes to walk to the office, 5 minutes to bike there.

I walk in and the woman I’m to interview with looks at me and says “You look familiar. Have we met before?” I explained that yes in fact we had, I had helped their IT staffer with a vexing Windows issue and that’s when I met her.

It’s a job in the legal profession (State) , I.T. support. I’m good at handling the databases (Mostly MS Access tied back to an MS-SQL server but I told her if I had to rank enterprise database systems I’d rank MySQL first, MS-SQL second and Oracle dead last.) and I’m even good with Microsoft Windows environments and this shop is all Windows centric.

The thing that gets me in though is that I still have MANY contacts in the state AG’s office and in the Judiciary. So I’m very valuable in that respect. Hopefully this will be a full time gig. The consulting gig is ok, but it’s hit or miss money wise.

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