So now we know who attacked the Tradition, Family and Property Pukes

It was lesbians. More to the point, Italian-American lesbians.

How do I explain this. On the one hand I deplore what they did. But the distant memory of me at their age (even though I’m male) brings me pause. I was pretty fiery back then too.
Hell, even now I’d like to re-educate the TFP assholes with a segment of 2×6 and an aluminum baseball bat. The same goes for the Bishop, Chris Young, and all the anti marriage equality people in RI.

I think it’s fairly certain that the TFP cretins will press charges. How very Christian of them.

Charged are the following:

Amanda L. Zangrilli, 23, of West Warwick, RI
Kristen A. Scungio, 19, of West Warwick, RI (Zangrilli’s girlfriend)
Melissa Migliaccio, 22, of Cranston, RI (A freind of the above two)
And an unnamed 17 year old.

More info here at the Providence Journal.

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