NOM Marriage and Liberty Mailer

They stopped sending me emails but they still send me postal mail.

Here’s the latest:


On this page let me first highlight a few facts.

The title is “Marriage & Liberty”. What part of Liberty do the bigots at the National Organization for Marriage not understand?

They cast it as an abuse of their religious liberties, I cast their stance as an abuse of my civil liberties.

Then we have the introductions.

First up we have Dr. Robert George, a law professor at Princeton. You all know the old saw, those who can do, those who can’t teach. I don’t know about you but I know lawyers can be the slimiest of the slime or as good as Glenda the Good Witch. Dr. George strikes me as the former. You’d think an attorney might be cognizant of say a pesky little thing like the 14th Amendment. We’re all equal under the eyes of the law you dipshit!

Then we have the ever smug Maggie Gallagher. I wish a local anomaly in the time-space continuum would just open up and swallow her whole, perhaps stretching a bitch out until she’s a couple of atoms thick before she enters the event horizon. She carries herself as some expert on marriage. If that’s the case then I should begin carrying myself as the pope. Bow down bitch!

Then we have old Pumpkin Face, Brian Brown. Packin’ on the pounds there Brian. You remind me of Mr. Creosote in Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”. I haven’t had many dealings with old Pumpkin Face but his name is all over the place in NOM so he gets a heaping dose of derision from me.

The lead in article is titled “NOM Wins Victories and Reaches Millions of Americans with Pro-Marriage Messages”

Lets start on the title. Pro-Marriage yet you don’t want gay people to get married. Why is that? Matter of fact they don’t want gay people to have equal rights to anything else. I think it all comes down to what I term the ‘ick’ factor. The whole argument against gay men is that at least one man debases himself by acting like a woman. So basically the whole sentiment behind the anti-equality folks is misogyny. Isn’t that interesting.

We of course are called the cultural Left. That NOM in the cultural Right spot. Their affiliations with churches etc. mean they’re now a part of the whole Religious Right Republican Wing. NOM folks are in good company with all the other assorted bigoted wing nuts of history.

They go on to “Enter the Lion’s Den”.

How very interesting since I’d like to re-start the Roman custom of feeding Christian scum like the NOM folks to the lions again. On this page they crow about the victory in California and how they’re applying lesson learned in other states such as New Hampshire, Maine, etc.

They of course bring up the indoctrination of the children. Let me get this right, letting kids know its ok if you’re or even they’re gay is indoctrination, but religious instruction (Which by its very nature is indoctrination!) is a-ok with the people at NOM.

They like to say they’re winning with facts. I say they’re losing with falsehoods. Here are just a few.

– No Civilization can survive without marriage:

Yes in fact civilization can survive without it. Marriage hasn’t been with man forever. The family on the other hand, that’s been around forever.

– Legalizing gay marriage has a devastating psychological effect that devalues marriage itself and results in fewer marriages of any kind, putting the health of children and America’s future at risk

Here they go with the straw man arguments. Holding up gay marriage as the reason marriage is declining worldwide. Maybe it’s because kids saw their parents rotten marriage and so decide not to marry. I know several couples that had serious problems whose own kids never married or took their sweet time before they did marry. I look at my aunt as a perfect example. My cousin was 21 years old when she finally married my cousins father.

The only real psychological effect is the propagation of hatred and intolerance spread by NOM.

Here comes my favorite though.

-Legalized gay marriage results in forced indoctrination of children and restrictions on religious liberty.

Ok, I already debunked the indoctrination thing. But restrictions on religious liberty? Give me a break. Every marriage equality decision, bill, etc. that I’ve seen carves out specific exclusions for the religious community. NOM is just trying to incite hatred with this one.

They then go on about the critical phase approaching.


On this page we have the whole intolerance blowup regarding Carrie Prejean and Perez Hilton. He was nice about it calling her a bitch. She’s a clueless cunt so far as I’m concerned.

NOM carried on that they have a whole media blitz coming up and I can’t wait to see their next idiotic ad on the web.

They keep making the same points over and over that all boil down to two arguments.

The first is the claim that we on the marriage equality side are being intolerant. Demanding our civil rights is not intolerance. As I said earlier, there are provisions made for the churches so that those who oppose us (And that list is getting smaller all the time now that the Episcopal Church has allowed gay and lesbians equal participation) won’t have to accept gay people or bless their marriages.

The other is the new standard that they have to protect the children. Children are both smarter and more resilient than the NOM people could ever know. This is just one part I remember from my developmental and general psychology courses. And talking to friends who are psychologists, neuropsychologists, etc. I’m constantly reminded of that fact. The people at NOM probably never took more than a semester of psychology which explains their hollow cries.

Nothing like beating dead horse with false arguments against equality.


This page just has the usual bovine effluent how NOM is fighting against equality in ME, NH and IA. Curiously they left out MA and CT. I guess those are just foregone conclusions.

The one that got me though is the little blurb in the upper right corner. A smiling pink family with the title “Kids need a mom and a dad.”

That one kills me, again talk to any developmental or general psychologist or social worker and they’ll tell you that the sex and number don’t really matter. What matters is consistency of love and setting boundaries. The NOM argument is just code speak for “We got this in the bible.”

On to the last page.


Here we have a personal letter from Pumpkin Face Brown. He goes on and on how marriage equality would remove their religious liberty. It’s such a crock of shit.

And he also goes on to mention the woman who got her cross trampled, or the father lead out in handcuffs, etc. All blown out of proportion for the word twisters at NOM.

Marriage equality is a juggernaut. I won’t rest until we’re all equal. Every last one of us, whether we’re gay, straight, black, white or anything else we use to divide people. Either stand with us or be rolled over by us but in the end we’ll have marriage equality throughout the United States.

They also included a little beg form. I’m going to tape my postage paid envelope to a box of bricks and send it back to them.


They’re a 501(c)4 organization which means they have to produce Form 990. But they haven’t. What’s up with that?

On the back of the return envelope they do however say the following:

NOM Financials Disclaimer
NOM Financials Disclaimer

I checked with the NJ office. They said the following was only available for NOM for 2007. They have not updated their filings in over a year.

The data is interesting though. They don’t list the 501(c)4 revenues.

Total 2007 Revenue and expense
Rev: $204,000 Exp: $25,000

Fundraising $4000
Management Expense $25,000

Checking the North Carolina State Soliciation Licensing Branch only yields one more salient piece of information. They use KMA Direct Communications. Click the link, note who they really serve.

Pennsylvania says that NOM has is no longer registered there.

And Virginia gives the following:
Primary Name: National Organization for Marriage
Other Names: NOM
Federal Employer ID Number (EIN)
Address: 20 Nassau Street
Princeton NJ, 08542
Current Registration Expires:
Registration Extended Until: N/A
Registration Filing Status: Organization provided Law and Rules – not currently filed to solicit
IRS Filing Status: Unknown

So they cannot solicit in Virginia at least not without running afoul of state law.

So I wonder, no current financial info for the 12 months of 2008, and the 8 months of 2009 thus far. What the hell are they trying to hide? And when will the IRS or some other agency pull a raid on their NJ offices and get the financials and publish them?

3 thoughts on “NOM Marriage and Liberty Mailer

  1. “Legalized gay marriage results in forced indoctrination of children and restrictions on religious liberty. ”


    Up here in Canada I haven’t noticed anyone stopped from going to church or marrying the het of their choice

    The kids seem the same as before. They haven’t rushed off to spend their CD money to buy LGBTQ videos or even get new hair cuts.

    Maybe I should look more closely?

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