APA Says Reparative Therapy is Bunk

It is most commonly used by those whose religious convictions lead them to believe that homosexuality is sinful and wrong. More to the point, the most common conversion therapies are religious in nature.

But here’s part of the religious method:

Male on male holding, hugging, etc. Sounds suspiciously like a little foreplay doesn’t it? I love the term foreplay by the way.

Well, the APA just finished its two year study on the issue.

And of course the ‘evangelical’ psychologist(s) had to come out with idiotic dreck like this:

An evangelical psychologist, Mark Yarhouse of Regent University, praised the APA report for urging a creative approach to gay clients’ religious beliefs but ā€” like Chambers ā€” disagreed with its skepticism about changing sexual orientation.

Yarhouse and a colleague, Professor Stanton Jones of Wheaton College, will be releasing findings at the APA meeting Friday from their six-year study of people who went through Exodus programs. More than half of 61 subjects either converted to heterosexuality or “disidentified” with homosexuality while embracing chastity, their study said.

A six year study of 61 people? Are they serious? This violates all sorts of rules of statistical analysis the prime of which is that you have a large enough sample size to glean relevant characteristics from.

And then they’re vague about it by saying “more than half”. If it had been an ACTUAL study, we would have gotten the actual numbers. And the fact that it doesn’t work on at a little less than half means the ‘therapy’ is unadulterated bovine effluvia.

The APA on the other hand did the following:

The APA had criticized reparative therapy in the past, but a six-member task force added weight to this position by examining 83 studies on sexual orientation change conducted since 1960. Its comprehensive report was endorsed by the APA’s governing council in Toronto, where the association’s annual meeting is being held this weekend.

83 STUDIES since 1960. I wish I could find the actual report. I’ll have to ask a friend of mine who is a psychologist. He can probably point me in the right direction. But I trust a group with over 150,000 members who’ve been active in the field for a combined total of years that probably now runs in the millions.

Interestingly you don’t see a lot of conversion camps here in the northeast. Loads in the south though. It’s the damned Baptists if you ask me. Those are some seriously psychotic folks. Never trust one.


Found the report. Let’s see if WordPress allows me to embed a PDF.

Nope – no go. God damn it. Its shit like this that pisses me off about WordPress.

Therapeutic Response

Just click the link above to go to the scribd document.

And WordPress, fix your fucking site.

4 thoughts on “APA Says Reparative Therapy is Bunk

    1. They’ve pretty much done so through various means. I know a a handful of psych folks and they’re all either seriously agnostic or atheists themselves.

  1. It would be interesting to take a longer view of the ‘success’ cases of homo-to-hetero conversion. I read in an article (not a study) that many of the so called ‘success’ cases are deemed such because A. the person stopped engaging in homo behavior for a period of time, and B. the person claimed to have fewer homo thoughts. All of this is believable for a while. But what about a year, 2 years, 5 years later? The article pointed out that only about 35% of the ‘success’ cases remained ‘successful’ over a long period of time.

    1. It’s true that you can sublimate many feelings in faith. But take away the faith and you have nothing left.

      The APA study did take a long view. I doubt this is the last we’ll hear about it and your 35% is from the anti-gay side anyhow.

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