Oh really? A Fascist?

Found this pasted to a telephone pole about two blocks from my place.

Obama Fascist Handbill
Obama Fascist Handbill

What don’t these idiots who post these things understand? For eight years under George W. Bush we lived under an increasingly fascist and despotic government. Need I mention protest zones? How about unwarranted wiretaps? How about the complete disregard of the FISA court, or the outing of a CIA officer, or any of a number of heinous acts committed by the Bush administration.

Yet we have idiots who will call Obama a fascist for trying to rescue the economy, trying to guarantee health care for all, etc.

There are some truly deluded people out there. I just cannot fathom how utterly ignorant those people can act. But then I think about it and I understand. A big percentage of the population are sheep. They’re able to be misdirected, to wit, the whole Town Hall debacles with the people shouting down the congressmen. It would be fine if they weren’t being so used by the Repug right and the corporations to maintain the status quo.

But they really don’t know they’re being used.

But fear not, we have stalwart champions like Barney Frank to bring us back to reality with acerbic wit.

The dining room table indeed! It only convinces me that the Obama == Hitler == Fascist believers are bat shit fucking crazy.

6 thoughts on “Oh really? A Fascist?

  1. “But they really don’t know they’re being used.”

    I think they do know. They like being members of a ‘gang’ or ‘mob’ because of the sense of camaraderie and purpose they derive from it, and they can rationalize that it’s alright to be used as a tool because they are accomplishing something tangible, even though they know it will ultimately be bad for the country.

  2. The conservative Republican party is a party of FEAR. The more people they can keep in FEAR, the more control they can exert over them. FEAR of terrorists, FEAR of immigrants taking over our country, FEAR of marriage equality, FEAR of healthcare reform. FEAR FEAR FEAR keeps the sheep-like under the control of the conservative Republican party.

    I choose a party of hope, prosperity, and equality instead.

  3. People bandy the word “fascist” about as they would “motherfucker” or “bastard” or any other trips-off-the-tongue insult they can find. If they had experienced true fascism (or Fascism, if you prefer) they might not use the word. Hell, I wouldn’t want to stop their using it (that would be censorship), but they need to grow up a little and learn to choose words that are more appropriate – yes, even if they are one of the above or words we’d use here in the UK such as “twat”. Call him a “shit” if you don’t like what he’s doing, but “fascist” has a more specific meaning and disturbing political overtones, and I doubt that Obama subscribes to those sentiments. Yes, Bush was really off the scale.

  4. Bush was called fascist, nazi, hitler from all directions. Barney Frank just doesn’t like it when the shoe’s on the other foot. So, as usual, he just insults. (It must be hard for Barney now that the major gay blogs consider him an Uncle Tom for the homo-betraying Obama).

    =-=-=-=Truthspew Says=-=-=-

    That’s because Bush was not only a fascist, but a despot too. The woman deserved to be insulted as do most people who are being motivated to go to these town halls simply to shut down the discussion on health care.

    They’re noting but misdirected fools.

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