Religious bigots upset with the APA

You can read the whole screed here.

I’m only going to address three paragraphs since the rest of the article is just beating the same old dead horse about gay people.

Studies have shown that homosexuals disproportionately come from families in which sons or daughters lack a healthy relationship with one or both of their parents, or in situations in which the homosexual was the victim of child sex abuse by a same-sex adult.

Homosexual behavior is also statistically associated with a host of diseases, disorders, and pathological behaviors, including venereal and other diseases, promiscuity and unstable relationships, anxiety disorders, depression and suicide, alcoholism and drug abuse, domestic violence, pederasty, and early death.

Even the homosexual Gay and Lesbian Medical Association admits that homosexuals suffer disproportionate rates of disease and self-destructive behavior.

This is all based on my empirical observations.

Taking the first part, I wasn’t recruited into being gay. I had a good relationship with both my mother and father growing up. A somewhat better relationship with my mother to be sure because my father quite frankly is an asshole. But I was sexually molested by someone of the opposite sex, a 15 year old neighbor girl when I was 6. I did have some sexual activities with boys in my own age cohort when I was a teen myself. The abuse didn’t scar me. I just look at it as a desperate teenage girl who got her jollies with a 6 year old. When I think about it, there’s a 9 year difference in age and Keyron and I have an 8 year difference between us.

The diseases, disorders and pathological part has an itty bitty, teeny weeny little grain of truth in it. But I think some of that is the stigma attached to being gay. And if we’re to talk about diseases and disorders we need to look at the straight community too, because they have a host of things. In other words I surmise it is the same rate of each for both homosexual and heterosexual.

Promiscuity is a red herring too. I know tons of straight people, even the women, who are sexually voracious. They’d put some of we gay men to shame. And there too we have that cultural streak of misogyny, if a straight man does it he’s a stud, whereas if a woman does it she’s a slut.

Now I will address the unstable relationship assertion. In other words, the bigots are saying that gay relationships don’t last. Interestingly my same sex partner and I have been together for 17 years. And if you average out the relationships of our friends it comes to an AVERAGE of 10 years. I know straight people who can’t stay in a relationship longer than a couple years.

As far as anxiety disorders, I will refer to the generalized hatred of gay people and have to ask, if people hated straight people like that don’t you think they’d be a little anxious too?

Depression also has a strong genetic component, but see my statement above. If we didn’t have so many bigots I doubt that we’d have much to be depressed about.

Alcoholism and drug abuse – addictive personalities come in all shapes and flavors. It isn’t’ just gay people who suffer from this. But this deception is based on the old days where bars were the only place to meet up. Now it’s all changed. Drugs on the other hand are still widely available despite the War on Drugs. And I’ll be honest here, I don’t think weed should be a criminal offense.

Domestic Violence is another one. I once worked for the state AG’s office and I modified the tracking database to include same sex incidents except there were never any reported. Maybe it was reluctance or maybe it just doesn’t happen as much as you think.

The pederasty part is just pure fantasy on part of the ilk of NARTH et al. For those unaware, pederasty is the desire for sexual relations with teenagers. I suppose the NARTH people would be upset that the age of consent in many places is 16 years of age. Not that I’d want a 16 year old. I want a lot more mental capability in my choice of sexual partner.

The other thing they harp on is the early death thing. So why do I know homosexuals in their 60’s and 70’s? You’d think they’d have died by now. But they’re still going strong.

I’d expect better of NARTH and ‘Dr.” Nicolosi, or Cameron or any of those vile, despicable bigots. But they cannot stop trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes with the same tired arguments we’ve often heard in the past that turned out to be false arguments.

2 thoughts on “Religious bigots upset with the APA

  1. Here’s some more data for you…

    Greg and I have been together for 16 and a half years. We have plenty of friends who are in the 20+ years range. Many, even most, of our single friends frequently tell us how much they want to have a long term relationship. I think it can safely be said that LTRs are broadly desirable in the gay community.

    As for pederasty, when I was in my teens I was mostly interested in men in their 30s and older. Now that I’m well into my 40s I’m mostly interested in men in their 50s and older. Does that make me an anti-pederast?

  2. Tony,
    Good article and nice job of providing fact over fiction. The truth is that monogamy is not as common as we would like it to be in this society. This is true of both heterosexual and homosexual couples. In fact uniformity across both heterosexual and homosexual couples occurs with greater frequency as rates even out with greater acceptance in society. My God could it be that we are all far more alike than different?

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