Welcome Back Whitney

It was interesting to see Whitney Houston achieve true diva status. Lovely new talent in the 1980’s, then the descent into relationship and drug hell in the 1990’s. Only to come back like the phoenix in the new decade.

I remember my first exposure. It was 1985. Her song “You Give Good Love” was a hot property.

Remember, in 1985 CD’s hadn’t yet totally replaced vinyl, so we had her first album in vinyl format. I was doing a radio gig from 1985 to 1987 every Saturday night and Sunday evening as part of what was called the “Soul Patrol”. No religious connotations, it was the soul music that we loved though that wiggled out quite a bit into r&b, some jazz, etc.

That one song, “You Give Good Love” was played so much that the turntable needle wore a hole through the vinyl.

So it’s good to see her back in the swing.

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