Month: August 2009

Put your thinking caps on! Take the Science Knowledge Quiz

Here are my results. Click em’ to take the Pew Center’s Science Knowledge Test.

Pew Science Knowledge Test Results
Pew Science Knowledge Test Results

I should mention I was on a four ale buzz when I took the test. Once you take the test look at the various reports. In some places college grads and those 30-49 years of age do best. In others there is wide divergence.

MIT’s Personas site

Here’s mine:

My Personas Profile
My Personas Profile

You can get yours here.

Here is what I find enormously interesting about mine. Medicine, Legal, Management and Social are all pretty equal. What does that tell me.

Well, the social probably comes from gay rights and marriage equality posts. That’s probably where some of the legal comes from too as I often cite the Constitution or like documents.

I know where the medicine part comes from. I’m always reading about the latest medical developments and posting about some of them and commenting on the articles I read.

Management is a surprise here. I have posted on how during training for new managers I found out I was a team builder. But I don’t hit on that very often. I do have definite ideas of how things should run so maybe it’s that.

Sports – that one is a conundrum to me. I am very disinterested in sports. Watching a football, golf or like game is like watching paint dry for me. And I consider sports more a distraction than anything else. The opiate of the masses if you will. Marx was wrong, it isn’t religion, it’s sports.

But the thing that interests me most, it didn’t pick up on my I.T. stuff. Maybe because I keep that private.

More information on the stigma that gay kids face.

Found this one over on Pam’s House Blend blog.

More specifically, this article from Pridesource on “Confronting Health Disparities Among LGBT Youth”

I brought up this topic in my post titled “Religious bigots upset with the APA”

My friend looked over my post and agreed with all the points I made. In essence it boils down to this:

Gay people really are no different than straight people. The only true difference is what gender we choose as our life partners and spouses.

The diseases gay people suffer from are also suffered by the heterosexual population, particularly the sexually transmitted diseased.

But the Pridesource article I linked above is interesting. It addresses the psyhcological issues and explains that social stigma plays a large part in many of the issues that gay kids suffer from. And it isn’t just gay kids, gay adults suffer a stigma too, or have you not noticed that we don’t have ENDA in states around the country yet, or that we don’t yet have marriage equality.

We also have so called “Christian” pastors making pronouncement that we should be put to death. Yes, Pastor Steven Anderson:

A terrible shame that border patrol didn’t beat this son of a bitch to death.

Because this is just one of his many screeds against we gay people.

He cites the usual references, Genesis 9 (Where a son supposedly molested his father), etc.

But then he goes on that they’re all bisexual, child molesters, molesters in general.

He’s a little too concerned with homosexuality. And as we know from watching the Rev. Ted Haggard, maybe he has a little something to hide himself.

Shut it Mags

Here we see the odious Maggie Gallagher come out with a direct attack on gay rights.

Yeah Mags, you really need to shut the fuck up. I’m so glad I missed the NOM Aldrich Mansion event. Apparently Maggie went out and offered sodas to all the protesters. Were I there I would have engaged in a very loud conversation with Gallagher.

There are times I think the only way you could get some sense into Gallagher is to beat it into her with a baseball bat. But she’s proven to be the smug cunt we all think she is time and again.

Religious bigots upset with the APA

You can read the whole screed here.

I’m only going to address three paragraphs since the rest of the article is just beating the same old dead horse about gay people.

Studies have shown that homosexuals disproportionately come from families in which sons or daughters lack a healthy relationship with one or both of their parents, or in situations in which the homosexual was the victim of child sex abuse by a same-sex adult.

Homosexual behavior is also statistically associated with a host of diseases, disorders, and pathological behaviors, including venereal and other diseases, promiscuity and unstable relationships, anxiety disorders, depression and suicide, alcoholism and drug abuse, domestic violence, pederasty, and early death.

Even the homosexual Gay and Lesbian Medical Association admits that homosexuals suffer disproportionate rates of disease and self-destructive behavior.

This is all based on my empirical observations.

Taking the first part, I wasn’t recruited into being gay. I had a good relationship with both my mother and father growing up. A somewhat better relationship with my mother to be sure because my father quite frankly is an asshole. But I was sexually molested by someone of the opposite sex, a 15 year old neighbor girl when I was 6. I did have some sexual activities with boys in my own age cohort when I was a teen myself. The abuse didn’t scar me. I just look at it as a desperate teenage girl who got her jollies with a 6 year old. When I think about it, there’s a 9 year difference in age and Keyron and I have an 8 year difference between us.

The diseases, disorders and pathological part has an itty bitty, teeny weeny little grain of truth in it. But I think some of that is the stigma attached to being gay. And if we’re to talk about diseases and disorders we need to look at the straight community too, because they have a host of things. In other words I surmise it is the same rate of each for both homosexual and heterosexual.

Promiscuity is a red herring too. I know tons of straight people, even the women, who are sexually voracious. They’d put some of we gay men to shame. And there too we have that cultural streak of misogyny, if a straight man does it he’s a stud, whereas if a woman does it she’s a slut.

Now I will address the unstable relationship assertion. In other words, the bigots are saying that gay relationships don’t last. Interestingly my same sex partner and I have been together for 17 years. And if you average out the relationships of our friends it comes to an AVERAGE of 10 years. I know straight people who can’t stay in a relationship longer than a couple years.

As far as anxiety disorders, I will refer to the generalized hatred of gay people and have to ask, if people hated straight people like that don’t you think they’d be a little anxious too?

Depression also has a strong genetic component, but see my statement above. If we didn’t have so many bigots I doubt that we’d have much to be depressed about.

Alcoholism and drug abuse – addictive personalities come in all shapes and flavors. It isn’t’ just gay people who suffer from this. But this deception is based on the old days where bars were the only place to meet up. Now it’s all changed. Drugs on the other hand are still widely available despite the War on Drugs. And I’ll be honest here, I don’t think weed should be a criminal offense.

Domestic Violence is another one. I once worked for the state AG’s office and I modified the tracking database to include same sex incidents except there were never any reported. Maybe it was reluctance or maybe it just doesn’t happen as much as you think.

The pederasty part is just pure fantasy on part of the ilk of NARTH et al. For those unaware, pederasty is the desire for sexual relations with teenagers. I suppose the NARTH people would be upset that the age of consent in many places is 16 years of age. Not that I’d want a 16 year old. I want a lot more mental capability in my choice of sexual partner.

The other thing they harp on is the early death thing. So why do I know homosexuals in their 60’s and 70’s? You’d think they’d have died by now. But they’re still going strong.

I’d expect better of NARTH and ‘Dr.” Nicolosi, or Cameron or any of those vile, despicable bigots. But they cannot stop trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes with the same tired arguments we’ve often heard in the past that turned out to be false arguments.

Who’s Astroturfing Net Neutrality

Who\'s astrotufing net neutrality

I’m really upset about this. Carriers should not be able to block internet content based on highest bidder. As it is now they all screw with bit torrent traffic by sending reset packets to the recipient end. They also oppose broad municipal plans to offer WiFi because if they can’t “slap a meter on it” then they allegedly can’t make a profit.

I’ve written something things about the communication industry before. Put it this way, technology is why long distance charges are pretty much a thing of the past. All my VoIP services count LD as local. We built out a literal shitload of fiber optic circuits in this country, many of which are still dark because the competition never really materialized. That’s why trunk services are so cheap now.

I do want to see a revisiting of the Communication Act of 1996 though. I want to see clamps and regulation put on all telecom carriers. Eliminate the FUSF, the network has been built and rebuilt so many times already. It is now just a money grab for the carriers.

Then while you’re at it, regulate the price of text messages. Make it about half a cent per message because it doesn’t cost anywhere near 10 or 20 cents to move SMS between networks.

And cell pricing. We’re starting to see flat price unlimited coming around, mostly with MetroPCS. But the $40 becomes $50 and the $50 becomes $60 when you tack on all the fees and taxes.

And I for one am sick of funding the state E-911 system since I know they’re stealing the money to patch the general fund. I’m just waiting for someone to die because the state never upgraded it’s E-911 system to accept GPS coordinates from cellular phones. The lawsuit will make the cost of upgrading the system look like a bargain.

(Health Care) The Party of No Ideas

So I was reading the Proj article titled “GOP calls for loud crowd at health-care forum”

They lead in with this gem from Republican Party chair Giovanni Cicione:

State Republican Party Chairman Giovanni Cicione said he hopes angry protesters will flood Wednesday night’s town hall meeting hosted by Rep. James R. Langevin.

He further goes on to say:

“This is the clearest example in decades of the government exceeding its authority. I think this should make people really angry,” Cicione said, noting that he would be out of town, but that conservative groups — such as the Rhode Island Young Republicans and Rhode Island Tea Party movement — are mobilizing their forces to attend.

“This is America, we have First Amendment rights to protest,” Cicione continued. “The citizenry has the right to go out and shout at the top of their lungs.”

Every Republican thus far has railed against any form of nationalized health care. But the common theme is that they haven’t offered anything substantive to address the problem, namely that we’re being slowly bankrupted by the current health care system.

But remember too, even the national Republicans play the same game. When Boehner got up and said the Republicans had a budget proposal and then produced a document so sketchy on details, you knew they were truly turning into an opposition party which has now morphed to the “Party of No”.

Shame on the likes of Cicione, Boehner, and the entire cadre of Republican scum for misleading the people. You’ll never see a Republican tell you that Medicare runs on a 3% overhead whereas private insurance runs at 20% and more. The reason for that high overhead is so they can pay out dividends to investors as well as executive salaries.

You will however hear from Fox News, that Republican party communication instrument, that x number of illegal aliens would be covered by a public plan, or that people in the age group 18 to 25 would just use that instead of getting insurance, etc.

You’ll also hear Fox pundits calling it the Obama Death Care plan, or Obamacare, etc. It’s to the point of ridicule or at least to the point where the pundits and politicians who oppose a true public option should be ridiculed.

There is hope though. I’m noting that corporations in general are getting very nervous about citizen activism. Case in point is the most recent pullout of Tim Horton’s from a NOM event here in RI. I also heard another about Miller donating $30,000 to a group who threatened a boycott of their product.

Here is my message to those who would compare Obama to Hitler or calling Obama a fascist and the like. Stop for a moment and verify the facts if you will. And then I ask, where have you been for the last eight years when George W. Bush, your treasured Republican, was President. We had widespread abuses of our civil rights, we watched as corporations like communications companies, banks, et al became more rapacious and while the Fed kept lowering interest rates, or allowing the credit default swap insurance industry to run unregulated.

Yes people, that was fascism, well more like despotism. Is it any wonder the reaction was to elect a Democrat as President and to hand the Democratic party a supermajority in the senate and a simple majority in the house?

The Republican party is destined for the dustbin of history. Here in RI we can see the rumblings already since the Moderate Party of RI has now been certified for the ballot as an official party. Hell, I’d like to see the Greens and the Socialists get party certification too. The more the merrier, that’s my motto. Because then you’d have to form coalitions in government. More variables means less money to each individual legislator.

Of course I hope the Moderate Party has a slate of candidates. That was where the once Cool Moose Party failed, it only had the one gubernatorial candidate.

And Mr. Cicione, you’d be wise to hear these words.

Now for the Democrats. Stop catering to Republican demands. They lost, and there’s a damn good reason they lost as outlined above. Put your foot down and stand for something instead of being a god damned weasel.

Oh really? A Fascist?

Found this pasted to a telephone pole about two blocks from my place.

Obama Fascist Handbill
Obama Fascist Handbill

What don’t these idiots who post these things understand? For eight years under George W. Bush we lived under an increasingly fascist and despotic government. Need I mention protest zones? How about unwarranted wiretaps? How about the complete disregard of the FISA court, or the outing of a CIA officer, or any of a number of heinous acts committed by the Bush administration.

Yet we have idiots who will call Obama a fascist for trying to rescue the economy, trying to guarantee health care for all, etc.

There are some truly deluded people out there. I just cannot fathom how utterly ignorant those people can act. But then I think about it and I understand. A big percentage of the population are sheep. They’re able to be misdirected, to wit, the whole Town Hall debacles with the people shouting down the congressmen. It would be fine if they weren’t being so used by the Repug right and the corporations to maintain the status quo.

But they really don’t know they’re being used.

But fear not, we have stalwart champions like Barney Frank to bring us back to reality with acerbic wit.

The dining room table indeed! It only convinces me that the Obama == Hitler == Fascist believers are bat shit fucking crazy.

Re-sent questions to NOM-RI Head Christopher Plante

Here’s what I sent, per his last email:

Who are the sponsors of the event?

Which businesses donated time to the event?

Why was it held on a diocesan property?

If you say that NOM isn’t religiously motivated then why the hat tip to religion and the ‘natural’ order?

But the big question, where can I see the IRS Form 990’s for both NOM RI and NOM NJ?