Geek Stuff: Sorry for the absence

I was offline for most of two days because the screen on my laptop finally gave up the ghost. I’m not surprised, I’d been noticing odd glitches and things for a couple of months and knew it was on the way out.

Luckily I’m fearless when it comes to tearing things apart. Been doing it since I was knee high to a grasshopper and it has served me well when it comes to computers. Of course the key difference, when I was knee high to a grasshopper I didn’t always know how to put them back together. Now I do.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind. About a year and a half ago the going price for a replacement LCD for a laptop was about $400. Three and a half months ago I fixed one for a client and the LCD was $189. The replacement for mine, $109.

The prices on smaller (14.1″ or so) LCD’s is dropping like a rock, so too the price of big LCD’s (42″ or more).

Some pix from the repair:

Computer without LCD:


Broken LCD:

Broken LCD
Broken LCD

LCD Shell




The trick to good prices, get the part number off your broken device and do a google search on it. I got this one from a site called lcds4less. They’re based in Texas of all places, and so too is Dell. The mind boggles. Order shipped overnight as promised and was waiting on my doorstep when I got back home today around 3PM.

The prices run from about $109 at the minimum, $225 for the majority. But it’s still cheaper than getting it from the OEM.

One thought on “Geek Stuff: Sorry for the absence

  1. Your one of the lucky few with computer savy. My partner has it too. The bad thing about it is that once that information gets out all the low IQ people with a computer problem call you up.

    At my partners work they bug him to “fix” their computers all the time for free.

    =-=-=-=Truthspew Says=-=-=-

    I set the bar high though. I tell people flat out, it’s going to cost them money for me to fix their computer problems.

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