Time to Just Say No to Giant Corporate “Parasites” — and Recognize Them for What They Are

That last part about health care is enlightening. In essence the reason health care costs have risen at such an astronomical rate has nothing to do with the advanced care we now can have, but everything to do with the hangers on and sycophants in the insurance and billing industries.

I imagine we’d save quite the bundle if our politicians just had the intestinal fortitude to tell the insurance companies that the game is up. We all know it’s the corporate interests, we should be in the streets protesting that. Instead we get the racist birther and tea party idiots.

But what I find interesting is that some of the tea party attendees know what the real problem is with government. It’s not the spending per se, but the corporate corruption.

Question is, how do we stop it? Simple, we stop buying everything but absolute necessities. Cut out all luxury purchases (including that cell phone!) and send a clear shot across the bow of the corporations. You can screw us to the point where we’ll stop supporting you.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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