Iowa Same-Sex Marriage Poll: 92% Say It Hasn’t Impacted Their Lives

The boyfriend of a friend of mine thinks that allowing gay people to marry will make his taxes go up.

It’s that type of thinking that’s pushed by the religious wingnuts. That taxes will go up, that the children will be irreparably harmed if they find out it’s ok if two men or two women can marry, etc. The anti gay marriage bigots are harping on those issues alone.

The reality is, none of their straight constituency has felt any harm from gay people getting married.

And the anti-gay marriage bigots, it’s the religious crowd that pulls the strings. They’ll always complain about how it infringes their religious rights. The thing is every same sex marriage bill or judicial decision has carved out exclusions for religious institutions so that they won’t be getting hit with lawsuits if they refuse to marry a gay couple.

It’s all ridiculous because here’s what is happening. Little by little churches are learning that you attract more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. And the Catholic leadership needs to be particularly careful since they are very out of sync with much of their congregation.
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4 thoughts on “Iowa Same-Sex Marriage Poll: 92% Say It Hasn’t Impacted Their Lives

  1. It is all about unreasonable Fears. The religious wing-nuts are all about fear. They want their rights, but don’t want to give the same rights to gay people. Sick really, they are all very full of hatred.


  2. he really said that?

    =-=-=-=Truthspew Says=-=-=-
    Yes he really said that. My friend thinks he has commitment issues. She says that because his sister is a lesbian and he’s just using that as an excuse.

  3. We can blame this kind of ignorance on the right wingers, but in reality, everyone is responsible for their own beliefs. When someone tells ME something that sounds incredulous or stupid, I don’t automatically believe them because I am responsible for my own beliefs. Sadly, many Americans are too lazy to read/learn/investigate things. Instead they listen to others and do not question.

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