There are some real idiots on Digg

So this popped up: Apparently Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK-Repug) tried to insert an amendment to revoke the ability of the EPA to monitor fixed polluters like business, power plants etc. and make them only responsible for vehicle borne pollution.

So I posted a comment that said:

I want the clean air and water acts enhanced. Every outflow of air or water must be scrubbed before it is to re-enter air and water systems.

And got dugg down a few times so I posted this in response:

Post a comment for more stringent air and water controls and get dugg down. We’ve really got some idiots here on Digg. Enjoy that glass of polluted water. And cry to the gods about your serious respiratory illnesses because the air is so polluted.

I guarantee that one will be dugg up. I’ve found when I get more strident I tend to get a higher digg score.

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