Since it’s International Blasphemy Day

Here I go. God doesn’t exist, never existed. And the Catholic church is based on a wholly created reality.

There, just a few words to acknowledge that I am in fact a blasphemer.

3 thoughts on “Since it’s International Blasphemy Day

  1. I’m a little late, but let me join you. God/Allah is a monster; Jesus a fraud (if an unwitting one); Mohammed a tyrant and paedophile (instance Aisha). There. Said it!

    =-=-=-Truthspew Says=-=-=-

    Indeed, Mohammed wasn’t a very nice man and a pederast to boot. I don’t want to downplay the Aisha thing but in that time period you were lucky if you lived to 40 years. So you got busy rather early.

    But of course the strong misogyny of the time meant a guy could be in his 30’s and fuck a 12 year old girl.

    Thankfully we’ve evolved and in the western world have lifespans approximately double that of the desert tribes of the time.

    So the need to reproduce early has been mitigated. Of course we’re now learning that the later you have kids the more the chances for a genetic screw up. Prime childbearing years still run from about 18 to 30. After that you run the risk of autism, or other very bad syndromes.

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