Venom: Fuck you Bishop’s Tobin and Malone

Each of you has deliberately twisted the truth to make it appear as though the religious are persecuted. Nothing could be further from the truth.

For in each state that has granted marriage equality via the legislature, a specific exclusion is carved out for the religious bigots like yourselves.

Had I mentioned, I was brought up Catholic and I reject and denounce all of it. It’s nothing but a fairy tale. There is no afterlife, you get one shot at it so make it a good one.

Another one that both Bishops Tobin and Malone like to trot out is the sociological and psychological harm to children should marriage equality be preserved in ME and if it were ever reality here in RI.

The problem is that I can produce a few psychologists and sociologists that would strenuously disagree with the Bishops. It doesn’t matter the configuration, so long as love and consistency is present.

Yes you hear me right. But the religious fuck wits will keep trotting out that beaten horse all the time.

And in other news, now I know why Maggie Gallagher never brings her husband out on the road. He’s of Indian origin, as in the country.

I wonder Mags, did he convert to your fucked up Christian religion?

That’s right you religious bigots. I’ve been working to make it easier for activists to lobby their neighbors.

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