Suit to overturn Prop 8 is getting hot in California

This is priceless. I have a feeling Judge Walker may just be a little peeved by the Prop 8 supporters.

But this quote rocks:

Walker made clear that he wants to examine other issues that are part of the political rhetoric surrounding same-sex marriage but rarely surface in courtrooms. Among the questions he plans to entertain at the trial are whether sexual orientation is a fixed or immutable characteristic, whether gays are a politically powerful group, and if same-sex marriage bans such as Proposition 8 were motivated by anti-gay bias.

I can answer those for the judge. It is an immutable characteristic. Just look at the APA studies on the damage that is caused by reparative therapies. Or look at how many ex-gay people are now once again gay. Look at two of the founders of Exodus who left the movement and lived together. Look at all the ex-gays who have been caught in gay bars, in truck stops, bathroom stalls, etc. It’s immutable.

We are not yet politically powerful but I and others (Notably Cleeve Jones and Equality Across America group.) are working to make us more politically astute. I’ve done my part by stressing the importance of district organizing so that we can effectively lobby legislators, and our governor. Nothing says power like being able to park 300 people from a district in a legislators office.

As to whether Prop 8 was motivated by anti-gay bias, I ask, does a bear shit in the woods? There is no doubt that the whole anti-equality crowd is motivated by a base fear, one that takes the Levitical passage where “A man shall not lie with another man as with a woman” and turns it into misogynistic act since a man would under thinking of the time debase himself by acting like a woman. We see the same thing with the transsexual community today.

So one could say this was motivated by religion and that is most certainly the case with the Mormon churches in CA, and the Catholic churches here in the northeastern U.S. You have asshats like Bishop Malone spouting the same old platitudes, or idiots like Maggie “The Loathsome” Gallagher, or Brian “Pumpkin Head” Brown, or even Christopher “The Whore” Plante right here in my back yard.

It is interesting that NOM gets its funding from whack job religious groups like Focus on the Family, et al. And it gets very little of its funding from individuals.

Hate doesn’t sell and I’m very surprised that Prop 8 actually passed in California. And I hope that the issue in Maine defeats Proposition 1.

2 thoughts on “Suit to overturn Prop 8 is getting hot in California

  1. Great post, but I disagree with you on this point: “Hate doesn’t sell.” I think it sells very well. Hate and fear come easily to people. It is very much easier to hate than to love and those people in our society who are weak-minded with low self-esteem (the majority of people I’m afraid) choose the easy path of hate. NOM understands this and is more than willing to sell it to them.

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