The truth about the opposition

I’m speaking of the opposition to gay rights and marriage equality.

Here is what I see as the real truth. The opposition numbers far below supporters. For example today at the Maine State Peter LaBarbera (aka Porno Petey) of Americans for truth against Homosexuality (ATAH), was having a little pre-voting speech. Of course the entire content of LaBarbera’s speech was filled with religious biogtry.

The real issue is how many supporters of LaBarbera and ATAH showed up. There were about 36 people from what I read over at Pam’s House Blend.

Per the breakdown only 9 of them were part of Porno Petey’s Posse.

I’ve seen the same thing here in RI when NOM does a dog and pony show. They get maybe five or six of their ‘friends’ to come out. Here is one example from a Marriage Equality RI gathering back on June 6, 2009.

They’re to the center left in the above photo, all five of them including Chris “The Whore” Plante, NOM RI Director.

What I’m trying to say is this, those who oppose us are a vocal minority. It isn’t easy being a bigot. That’s why you’ll see several hundred supporters and maybe a dozen opposition if you’re lucky.

Same was true at the National Equality March in D.C. You had the usual crazies like the WBC but the opposition was maybe 0.00000001% of the total crowd.

And then let us look at the Catholic Church in Rhode Island.

How many people still attend church? I know when I go by Holy Ghost church down the street from me on a Sunday morning I don’t see a full parking lot nor do I see a lot of people in there.

Nope, instead who do we hear from? That dwindling class, the clerics who oppose marriage equality. They’re loud about it too. You get bigots like Malone in Maine, or Tobin here in RI. They are bishops but I refuse to respect use of the honorifics for the religious. And I’m sure we’ll hear from John Codega or Bernard Healey at the next round of hearings. But the reality is, they’ve lost this battle and they refuse to admit it. Instead they’ll beat around biblical passages to try and prove that their god is in the right.

Their god has been wrong before (Need I mention slavery? Or the other Levitical passages regarding grooming and eating habits?).

But we on the side of equality will prevail. We are learning how to outshout the opposition without having to raise our voice because of the sheer numbers we have that support us.

And I’m putting Speaker Murphy and Senate President Paiva-Weed on notice once again. You’re both playing with fire. You don’t want to see what happens when the body you lead goes against your wishes.

And to Governor Carcieri, hugs and kisses! It is now my prime mission to not only aggravate you but to annoy you so much that the real bigot in you will shine through.

3 thoughts on “The truth about the opposition

  1. Deception by The Liar, Murderer From The Beginning. That which wants you soul in torment for eternity.

    It is never “their God”.

    He is God, for everyone, even those who do not know or accept: “I am who am”. That is Truth forever.

    Only the deceived think they know more or better than He who infinite, He who is Truth.

    Homosexuality is a terrible burden. A chaste life is hard and can be very lonely. Just do it — even when everything and everybody tells you differently: that it is “OK”, that it is “only love”. Be assured, the loneliness does not last forever. Everlasting joy await those with faith and conform themselves to Christ. Do not reject He who is Truth.

    I’m not at all deceived. Next you’ll accuse me of having too much pride. I find that the religious bigots like you have a hard time taking responsibility for their own life, so they think they have to push their nonsense beliefs on other people. I’m note just resistant to that, I will not consider it at all. I’ve already made the decision and I stand by it, there is no evidence for your god.

    Your statement about the homosexual burden lacks qualification. I invite you to elaborate on those burdens but I can already know what you’ll bring up. You’ll say that our relationships don’t last (oddly, I’m in year 17 of a good relationship now!), you’ll say that our sexual behavior is reprehensible (Again, you’re guilty of the ‘ick’ factor which really boils down into the male supremacy and misogyny argument.), in essence you’ll do anything you can to make us second class citizens.

    But I won’t stand for it. I’ll fight you at every turn because what you spew is not truth but hateful, vile invective.

    And the truth, what is truth? Does that ring a bell?

    And like I said, you’re so sure of your position that you have to hide behind a non-existent email address. Tsk tsk

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