Month: October 2009

You tell em’ Pat

Pat Condell is a rather famous YouTuber who absolutely shreds religious argument.

His latest is about clergy. In the video he calls them parasites (check), Sky Pilots (check), Dog Collared Vampires (My favorite!), and another fan, humanities head lice.

Personal Bankruptcy Filings Soar

Now this is a surprise. Why? Didn’t they try to toughen up the bankruptcy procedures because too many people were filing? So they added in the credit counseling mess. That’s turned out well.

Yet we still have record bankruptcies.

But what annoys me most about the reform act is that they started treating unsecured debt as secured debt. That’s a serious no-no.
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Goodbye to a friend

I’m shocked. I met a guy through video blogging site three years ago. His name was Doug Blanchard. Nice guy, older than me but he gave me my first camera and it’s taken off from there.

About a year ago he was diagnosed with cancer in the lymph nodes of the jaw. I’d kept in touch but I guess he didn’t want people seeing the result of the surgeries, etc. The diagnostician in me knew that if there was lymph involvement then it was highly likely there would be metastatic cancers and sure enough, about a month and a half later he told me about lung involvement.

It sucks knowing when people are going to die. Friend of ours grandmother has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I won’t tell our friend but her grandmother will be dead within 2 or 3 months.

I found out Doug died this past April. The sad part is that I’d been trying to contact him via email and even on IM but was getting no response. Now I know why. Something told me to search the Social Security Death Index and sure enough he died on April 8, 2009. He was 59 years old.

Curiously his email account is still active. Someone is paying the bill.

I’ll miss you Doug.

9 days to the National Equality March

Get your tickets – I’m hoping we have a strong turnout. I’ve already ordered my one day DC Metro pass. You want the one day MetroRail pass.

I figure it’s < $10 and we'll probably be parked out in the boonies so it makes sense.

I can't wait though, it's going to be fun. I haven't been on a 27 hour trip in a long time. Let see when was the last time I did that, about a decade ago (The Manhattan birthday party that started at 9PM and wrapped up around 9AM).

Other times I've been to D.C.:

1) A class trip in 1977
2) A scout trip in 1978
3) A SEARCH conference in 2002

National Equality March Route
National Equality March Route

Those were all for a week or so at a time. I’ve seen all the monument as a kid but this march is going to take us on a route (Click here for PDF version) that starts near the White House, and end up near the U.S. Capitol. We’ll pass by the following:

1) The White House
2) The National Aquarium
3) The IRS
4) The DOJ
5) National Archives
6) The FTC
7) National Gallery of Art
8) The U.S. Capitol

It’s a 2.3 mile route and I can easily do that. I’ve done the marches for Breast Cancer Research and those are 5 miles. And just yesterday I did a 2.5 mile walk just to make sure I’m ready for it.

I’ll have to bring my camera with me. I plan to get lots of photos.

If you’re in the Providence, RI area and you haven’t yet bought a ticket you can purchase one here If you can’t make the bus but wish to donate a seat, please do so. It’s $67.25 per seat on paypal, cash price is $65 per seat. Or if you’re local you can stop by the Marriage Equality Rhode Island office at 17 Gordon Ave, Suite 205, Providence, RI. Telephone 401-941-2727.