Bigotry rules in Maine

But by not as much of a margin as you’d think (It hovers around a 5% difference.). But this amply demonstrates the issue with letting the plebes vote on civil rights. It just doesn’t work that way.

It is sad, Maine is such a beautiful place and the people I’ve met in Maine tend to be friendly folks. I’m sorry that the bigots won you over alas a message of hate sells. And I’m disappointed in the No on 1 campaign for not answering the Yes on 1 sides arguments about schools, etc. The arguments of the Yes on 1 folks followed the Prop 8 playbook to a T, even re-using the same scripts. I guess if you have something that works you stick with it, but using fear to motivate people only lasts so long.

Look at all the civil rights victories over the past century and a half. They haven’t been voted by the general public, they’ve been granted via legislative process or judicial process, more towards the latter than the former.

I know there are those who say you can’t compare this to Loving v. Virginia but you can. Contrary to the beliefs of our opponents marriage is a civil right. The courts have pretty much cemented that opinion in the record.

Groups here in RI say this will make it nearly impossible because legislators will use the Maine issue as a crutch. I call bullshit, we need to haul the legislators out and tell them a 5% margin does not mean a landslide.

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