Tech: Zynga and Facebook hit with class action suit

Now this is interesting..

Before I say this please put on your rose colored glasses since I’m about to cast a very wide net here.

Most net users, and more to that most point Facebook users aren’t the most net or technically savvy people out there. To paraphrase P.T. Barnum, “There’s one born every minute…”

At a minimum, ignore payment for points on games. Just take the old Japanese approach, play it out over time. How do you think I got two a few hundred billion dollars in game money on Mafia Wars? Just play often enough to gain benefits.

On the other end of the spectrum, aggressively block all ads. I employ a few strategies for this. The more egregious crap (E.g. Zango) gets blocked at the firewall level because it actually installs something on a machine rendering it pretty much useless, while other sites either get a host file entry, or get added to the AdBlock+ add-in for Firefox.

Or if you’re simply that full with cash, send some my way. I might give you something in exchange other than points on a game. That something may be advice, or some other thing.

2 thoughts on “Tech: Zynga and Facebook hit with class action suit

  1. I avoid all games and crap on FB. I’ll do the smiles and flowers, but that’s all I can tolerate. No, I don’t want to be anyone’s Farmville neighbor!

    I love Adblock Plus. And I mean love. If Adblock was a man, I’d marry him. Seriously.

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