Happy Thanksgiving

So today we spent the holiday with our friends Nick and Beth, and Beth’s brother David as well as our new friend Danielle and her mom.

Yours truly was the whirling dervish of the kitchen today. Even Keyron commented that I’ve gotten very chill in the last few years. Not a lot can bother me. The reasons for this are mainly due to two things. The first is that I’ve prepared so many holiday meals that nothing can shake me. The last, and this is not a necessity but it does enhance the confidence effect, is to keep the alcoholic beverages flowing.

I did the stuffed mushrooms, showed Nick how to thicken a gravy (It’s all about the fat and the flour!) and did a lot of chopping, mushrooms, onions, etc.

I did drink a bit much. it was beer and wine for the day, started a little before noon and didn’t stop until about 9PM. I’ve been flushing out with water since I got home and didn’t suffer the deleterious effects of alcohols propensity to dehydrate. Interestingly in my family alcohol never played a big part in holidays. Holidays were about the food, family and the sugar based deserts!

But candy is dandy but liquor is indeed quicker.

Overall a good holiday. Good conversation all around, much better than the old family affair days.

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