Month: December 2009

Get your act together RIPTA

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority has made some progress but not nearly enough.

For example, there is still a huge rack of bus schedules inside the main facility in Kennedy Plaza. This could be replaced by a cheap computer kiosk and a printer with high speed and high capacity. It’d be cheaper too in the long run. The schedules are printed in three colors, doing it with a printer means monochrome but better schedule readability. Not to mention, all their schedules are available online now.

The second thing is, if you want to buy a 15 ride pass, bus pass or any other specialty product you have to see an agent to do so. Follow the lead of the MBTA and put in computerized kiosks at all your major stops and in Kennedy Plaza.

Lastly another gripe is the organization of Kennedy Plaza itself. We noted a woman who looked befuddled and it turns out she wanted a bus on the other side of the plaza. Color code by section, not route. For example, all the 2x buses tend to run East to West. That gets a green color, the 5x buses tend to run North to South, make them gold. You get the idea.

My Seasonal Rant about UPS – What can Brown (Shit) Do for Me Today?

So I ordered something to be delivered on Christmast Eve (12/24/2009). Hadn’t expected it to ship this fast as I chose the vendors free shipping not knowing it would be UPS.

So the tag on the door said they’d try again today between 2PM and 5PM. Ok, I’ll be there.

I check the mail around 2:30PM and there’s a second delivery attempt slip. Huh? I query the tag number and they tried to deliver at 12:15PM. Nice going UPS, give me a range of times and then try to deliver it almost two hours earlier. Of course I also got Mr. Driver on video just tagging the door without ringing the doorbell or knocking. This is the third time I’ve caught them on video btw just doing a tag and run.

I call UPS at 2:30PM and they say someone from the local center will call me within an hour. As of 3:30PM I’d heard nothing so at 4:50PM I call the UPS national number again. While I’m on the phone with them John from UPS in Warwick, RI comes in on the other line.

He gives me the song and dance that the driver got back in about 30 minutes ago. Which of course is why John waited to call me. So we’ll try again tomorrow. This time I signed the slip, told John that I signed the slip and that the driver is to leave the package at the door. This is the third attempt so we’ll see how that goes.

It’s one thing to be a lousy shipper. It’s another to lie to your customers. It is why when I have the option I will NOT request UPS shipping on anything being delivered to me, nor will I ship via UPS. That Brown thing, it’s the color of shit, and that is what UPS is, pure, unadulterated shit.

Repugs want Obama to fail

Check out this article in the DailyKos.

The Republican game is to make Obama and the Democrats appear to be ineffectual. Obama should have figured this out by now. I thought he was approaching the olive branch/arrows strategy. You know, offer the Republicans the chance to do some bipartisan acts on things that matter like health care, or the military. Then when the Republicans pull the obstructionist act, let loose the arrows.

Ridicule the Republicans and then lock them out.

I’m seeing little signs of this with Sen. Franken, Sen. Whitehouse, Rep. Kucinich and Rep. Grayson. I think those are Obama’s attack dogs. And how we need those attack dogs.

My Gay Manifesto

It’s really simple. Honestly, I wont’ waste your time.

1) The same rights that everyone else has, including access to marriage. And don’t get all flippant and say I can get married so long as I chose a female partner. I’m a gay male, would it not be logical for me to marry someone who I’ve been with for over 15 year?

2) I will fight like a tiger on the loose to get those rights.

See, simple. Not a very complex manifesto.

Seaons Felicitations

Whether you celebrate Christmas or if you celebrate the Pagan Yule, Roman Saturnalia, Kwanzaa, Hannukah or just celebrate the Solstice my felicitations to you.

Another year just about wrapped up.

Christmas Tree
Christmas Scene
Yuletide Santa Storm
Yuletide Santa Storm
Saturnalia Celebration
Saturnalia Celebration
Solstice at Stonehenge
Solstice at Stonehenge

Notice the similarities in the last two btw.

The anti-equality lies uncovered on YouTube

So I find myself viewing more things in my suggestions than in my subscriptions. My subscriptions tend to be world events type things. Right now Iran and Afghanistan are playing big in that aspect.

But I found this:

Yep, all lies. Every last word out of the mouths of those like Maggie “The Loathsome” Gallagher, Brian “Pumpkin Face” Brown, Robert “The Bigot” George, and RI’s Chris “The Whore” Plante, James Dobson, the FRC, FoF, AFA et al. All lies. Every last one of them.

Snow: Why Providence fails miserably with Snow

Ok, we had our first major storm. Got about 8+ inches here in the city. For the most part downtown is all plowed out and down to pavement. The side streets on the other hand are bad.

Lets not even talk sidewalks. For example the sidewalks in front of the new Vinton St. office isn’t cleared, nor are the sidewalks around the Aurora Club. The highway overpass sidewalks aren’t cleared either. Now this is interesting because Federal Hill is the restaurant district while all the hotels are downtown. If you want people to walk up (And it is an easy walk, < .5 miles) you need to keep those thoroughfares open.

Every year I get more and more pissed off about this. Providence does have a statute that says you have to clear sidewalks after a storm. The fines get progressively larger after each offense too. But I have NEVER seen it enforced.

I mean, the city already showed it can get something done with the whole recycling debacle last month. If you didn't have your recycling bins out with your regular garbage they wouldn't pickup the garbage. Of course sometimes you might not have recycling. The stead maintained it's stance and would not pickup garbage unless accompanied by recycling bins.

So enforce the damned statute and clean the sidewalks. I'm sick and tired of trying to walk somewhere only to encounter blocked sidewalks because snow is piled high on them. I've sent photos of unplowed sidewalks to my councilman, and gotten no replies at all. And now, even his office has a nice ice sheet in front of it. When even your city representative doesn't follow the law, who the hell does?

And the plowing job on side streets leaves lots to be desired. There’s a few inches of slushy shit on all the side streets. The trick guys is to replace the rubber guard on your plows and lower it to the ground, not three inches above.