Tech: How to create Yahoo Widgets

If you want to make your own Yahoo Widgets just go here and download the SDK, the Konfabulator Reference Manual, and the tutorial and you’re off and running.

You might also download the Widget Class Library. It’s very simple, all you need is a decent text editor. I can recommend Notepad++

(Takes you right to the download page, you want Binary Files and you can choose from a self-extracting EXE file or a ZIP file.

Here’s what I did with their Hello World test. This one just puts the current artist, track title and total time on the desktop in a nice blue 18 point text. No bells, whistles, etc. hence the name iTunesSimple:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

			var trkTitle = iTunes.trackTitle;
			var trkArtist = iTunes.trackArtist;
			var trkLngth = iTunes.trackLength; = trkTitle + " by " + trkArtist + " " + trkLngth;
			myText.opacity = 255;

It’s an odd mix of XML definitions and JavaScript code. And did I mention I’m sort of hating the string functionality of JavaScript, yes it has substring but I am so familiar with the right, left and mid statements in other languages. Grrrr.

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