Snow: Why Providence fails miserably with Snow

Ok, we had our first major storm. Got about 8+ inches here in the city. For the most part downtown is all plowed out and down to pavement. The side streets on the other hand are bad.

Lets not even talk sidewalks. For example the sidewalks in front of the new Vinton St. office isn’t cleared, nor are the sidewalks around the Aurora Club. The highway overpass sidewalks aren’t cleared either. Now this is interesting because Federal Hill is the restaurant district while all the hotels are downtown. If you want people to walk up (And it is an easy walk, < .5 miles) you need to keep those thoroughfares open.

Every year I get more and more pissed off about this. Providence does have a statute that says you have to clear sidewalks after a storm. The fines get progressively larger after each offense too. But I have NEVER seen it enforced.

I mean, the city already showed it can get something done with the whole recycling debacle last month. If you didn't have your recycling bins out with your regular garbage they wouldn't pickup the garbage. Of course sometimes you might not have recycling. The stead maintained it's stance and would not pickup garbage unless accompanied by recycling bins.

So enforce the damned statute and clean the sidewalks. I'm sick and tired of trying to walk somewhere only to encounter blocked sidewalks because snow is piled high on them. I've sent photos of unplowed sidewalks to my councilman, and gotten no replies at all. And now, even his office has a nice ice sheet in front of it. When even your city representative doesn't follow the law, who the hell does?

And the plowing job on side streets leaves lots to be desired. There’s a few inches of slushy shit on all the side streets. The trick guys is to replace the rubber guard on your plows and lower it to the ground, not three inches above.

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