My Seasonal Rant about UPS – What can Brown (Shit) Do for Me Today?

So I ordered something to be delivered on Christmast Eve (12/24/2009). Hadn’t expected it to ship this fast as I chose the vendors free shipping not knowing it would be UPS.

So the tag on the door said they’d try again today between 2PM and 5PM. Ok, I’ll be there.

I check the mail around 2:30PM and there’s a second delivery attempt slip. Huh? I query the tag number and they tried to deliver at 12:15PM. Nice going UPS, give me a range of times and then try to deliver it almost two hours earlier. Of course I also got Mr. Driver on video just tagging the door without ringing the doorbell or knocking. This is the third time I’ve caught them on video btw just doing a tag and run.

I call UPS at 2:30PM and they say someone from the local center will call me within an hour. As of 3:30PM I’d heard nothing so at 4:50PM I call the UPS national number again. While I’m on the phone with them John from UPS in Warwick, RI comes in on the other line.

He gives me the song and dance that the driver got back in about 30 minutes ago. Which of course is why John waited to call me. So we’ll try again tomorrow. This time I signed the slip, told John that I signed the slip and that the driver is to leave the package at the door. This is the third attempt so we’ll see how that goes.

It’s one thing to be a lousy shipper. It’s another to lie to your customers. It is why when I have the option I will NOT request UPS shipping on anything being delivered to me, nor will I ship via UPS. That Brown thing, it’s the color of shit, and that is what UPS is, pure, unadulterated shit.

5 thoughts on “My Seasonal Rant about UPS – What can Brown (Shit) Do for Me Today?

    1. No you aren’t. I’ve heard UPS referred to as Shit wrapped in Chiffon. And I’m putting a copyright on the term “Tag and run” lest UPS try to spin it into a marketing coup!

  1. UPS is the worst. They even will leave medications on a persons porch without knocking and knowing anyone is home. Seems pretty foolish to me. Kids or druggies could easily get steal them. Drugs no longer a 20 dollar item. Would anyone appreciate any package worth a 1000 dollars left out on the porch. Just does not make sense the shit “Brown” does. I now have my medications delivered to a business office in the downtown area. At least I know there they have regular hours and regular delivery times and the package is not gonna be lost or stolen and I wont be doing the tag thing with the UPS monster.
    I always used to dread the few days a delivery might come. Now i can even go out of town and know that the drugs won’t wont be sitting on the porch for an extended time.

    1. I recall back in the day a friend of mine had a Yaesu FT-1000D, a $3,000 radio just left on the steps of his house. In the city no less. Luckily he has honest neighbors. Me, I won’t leave a thing out. I recall one time I’m using a small grill and I had left it on the back stairs. One day I guy asks me “Is anyone using that?” And I looked at him and said “I am – and if you take it it’s theft.” He left in a hurry.

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