Get your act together RIPTA

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority has made some progress but not nearly enough.

For example, there is still a huge rack of bus schedules inside the main facility in Kennedy Plaza. This could be replaced by a cheap computer kiosk and a printer with high speed and high capacity. It’d be cheaper too in the long run. The schedules are printed in three colors, doing it with a printer means monochrome but better schedule readability. Not to mention, all their schedules are available online now.

The second thing is, if you want to buy a 15 ride pass, bus pass or any other specialty product you have to see an agent to do so. Follow the lead of the MBTA and put in computerized kiosks at all your major stops and in Kennedy Plaza.

Lastly another gripe is the organization of Kennedy Plaza itself. We noted a woman who looked befuddled and it turns out she wanted a bus on the other side of the plaza. Color code by section, not route. For example, all the 2x buses tend to run East to West. That gets a green color, the 5x buses tend to run North to South, make them gold. You get the idea.

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