Kevin Drum: Obama Needs To Be Willing To Earn The Hate Of Bankers (VIDEO)

President Obama needs to learn how to lead, how to become the leader that we want.

Here’s my theory on the presidency: If you’re going to promise all these things on the campaign trail, you damned well better have the courage and the chutzpah to push those things through and become the biggest cheerleader for those things. That is, even if it means you’d only serve one term. I’d rather see a president deliver on his promises and serve one term, than to see a president who will cater to special interests and serve two terms.

Priority 1: Health Care – insist that real reform means that we’re nationalizing the entire medical system in the U.S. That simple.

Priority 2: Banking – indeed split them into a million pieces. That diminishes their lobbying power and gives us more competition. But at the same time, strongly regulate the inter-bank fees for things like ATM transactions, etc.

Priority 3: Jobs – Enhance the Small Business Administration, penalize employers who offshore production and support.
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One thought on “Kevin Drum: Obama Needs To Be Willing To Earn The Hate Of Bankers (VIDEO)

  1. Unfortunately it appears that every man who becomes president has the same limited leadership. Hopefully he will improve within the next 3 years of his term, but I’m not holding my breath.

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