1979 CES – Comical now

Go check out this vid. It’s from the 1979 CES show. Unfortunately while WordPress can now do YouTube, Google and DailyMotion, it can’t yet embed from Yahoo vids.

The ‘mini’ video camera and recorder is interesting. Now you can fit the whole damned thing in your palm. And you can store a couple of hours of video on a tiny SD card. That’s progress.

And the first cable systems, how quaint. Back when it only cost a couple of bucks as opposed to today where it’s $40+ for basic cable.

Then of course is the VHS casettes, $75 for the Sound of Music? You could probably pickup the DVD copy at Blockbuster for under $10 these days. And video-discs while kind of cool for the time, they didn’t come about. Instead we have CD’s, DVD’s, and Blu-Ray.

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