Some thoughts on the Prop 8 trial in CA

I’ve been pretty quiet about this because I wanted to observe enough to make some judgments of my own.

If you’d like to follow along, the Courage Campaing has a site called the Prop 8 Trial Tracker. If you’re an RSS freak like me, just click here and drag the address to your RSS reader.

Ok, here we go. This week we’ve seen a number of expert witnesses from our side. They range from economists, psychologists, sociologists, etc. It’s a pantheon of the human sciences and with some very heavy hitters.

Those who wish to keep Prop 8 valid bring up old data, old studies, old book revisions, etc. to try and discredit some of the expert witnesses and fail miserably at the task, to the point of ridicule by the courtroom, the judge or both!

Of course I cannot wait for their side to be the ones being grilled. We’ve already seen two of their witnesses decline to testify for fear of reprisal. I have two words for those people, fucking pussies!

Our side has the data and the logic. Their side has nothing but discredited and outdated ideas.

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