The Encouragment of Stupidty in the U.S.

I’m getting increasingly concerned about the ignorance regarding electronic hobbyists in this country.

Recently it was this, where an 11 year old created a home made motion detector. Said detector caused a complete evacuation of the school.

I’m hoping someone posts pictures of the device soon. That the police actually x-rayed it leads me to believe that someone needs to have their heads examined.

It’s in a school of all things. Someone in the school must teach a science class and would know about electronics. But nobody thought to think first. Instead they used a knee jerk reaction, cost the community a large amount of money, and in the end it was a simple electronic device. Hell, you could put one together with a photocell and a comparator that can detect changes in light levels and then activate a trigger.

That 11 year old needs to be nurtured and encouraged. We need more electronic engineers in this country.

But we’re seeing a decline in people who cannot distinguish that the devices they use wouldn’t be possible without the advanced engineering that has come about due to training a generation in the art and science of electronics.

I suppose I’d be classed a terrorist threat because I solder together electronic devices:

Bare Bones Baord
Bare Bones Board
Parts arrayed
Parts arrayed

Is this tool deadly? It could be said that yes it is deadly since at 900F it’ll burn through tissue and cauterize any blood vessels you happen to hit. But I use it for soldering, which is the otherwise known act of utilizing heat to alloy different metals to produce a strong bond. BTW, this soldering station with all the attachments (Different tips, replacement handle and tweezer iron comes to < $100 at MPJA.)

Soldering Station
Soldering Station

It’s the dumbing down of America and it saddens me. You know I recently did the program review at a local Career and Technical School. And you know what struck me, there isn’t an electronics program. Even at my Catholic high school in the early 1980’s they at least offered electronics courses.

But this whole episode of involving the police is ridiculous. And of course the police aren’t the brightest bulbs either. But then as I’ve said before, as a rule they don’t recruit for brains, they recruit for those who can be trained and who will stay in the job for long enough to recoup the investment in training.

We need thinking people teaching the children in our schools, we need thinking people doing law enforcement, in essence let us stop dumbing down America because in the long run we’ll all suffer for it.

2 thoughts on “The Encouragment of Stupidty in the U.S.

  1. I am so with you on this. And it isn’t just the dumbing down of America. It’s the stupifying of America too. People are getting stupider, I swear! I’m thinking of the folks who want to teach creationism in schools and outlaw teaching evolution. This is incredibly stupid and a generation of our children will suffer because of it.

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