Month: January 2010

Happy New Year

Some photos from our evening:

Keyron and I

David, John, Diana, Keyron, Me and Jon

David, TJ, Rob, Keryon and Jon

**N.b. You may note that the T/D stamps say 2008. These weren’t taken by me (Well, a few were) but by our friend Jon. I’ll have to adjust the clock on his camera next time I’m over there. **

Very interesting New Year celebration. There were eight of us there, our hosts David and Jon, our friends Diana and John, new friends Rob and TJ and then Keyron and I.

Of the eight people, five were rolling on E/X/Ecstasy, not Empty as thought by one of my commenters, I’ll refer to it as E for the remainder. Of course there was a sixth who hadn’t realized they’d accidentally ingested about 400MG of MDMA (The abbreviation of the active part of E) instead of Ibuprofen. Ooops. Bet that person won’t do THAT again.

Of course me, knowing the downsides of that particular class of drug didn’t partake, nor did Keyron. I’m sorry but headaches, throwing up, and grinding my teeth doesn’t really appeal to me. And I was almost always impervious to peer pressure as a kid, well with the one exception of beer. Thing is, I actually like beer and wine too.

There was some dancing around. Try that with eight people in a relatively small space. You’d all better be good friends. But then there was the classic E dancing by oneself. When you add the multi color glow-sticks it really is quite a spectacle. You should know I’m a sucker for color and this definitely got my attention.

It was an all around good gathering though. Of course one of the party got so drunk that he was in no condition to drive home to East Greenwich, RI. His keys were confiscated and he wasn’t allowed to leave until he sobered up a little bit.

Here are some signs to keep in mind when drinking with friends:

1) Slurred speech
2) Bloodshot eyes
3) Heavy alcohol smells
4) Impaired cognitive ability. Have them try counting backwards from 100 to 1. If they can’t successfully get past 30 or 40 they’re cognitively impaired.

The first and last are the clear tip-offs. Speech and cognitive reasoning take a lot of brain power. If they can’t pass either test, don’t let them drive. If they’re nearby get them a cab, if not let them bunk at your place for a few hours. And whatever you do, hide their car keys. That’s a requirement.

I drank a moderate amount, three beers, and a couple of glasses of champagne. Even I was mildly impaired, and I tested this with a little app on my Touch called Re-Pete-Lite. Sober I can nail a full sequence. But last night, no such luck. Luckily I wasn’t driving.

Then we went back over for a few hours today. Had another glass of champagne, a beer and a jello-shot. The jello-shot was interesting. Lime jello with a little rum and a little Zambuca. You’d get that nice, smooth rum and lime at the beginning and then a nice licorice finish.