WTF – Vonage hikes bogus fees

Take a look at this, I got my billing notification and noticed it was a couple dollars higher this pass. So I went and did a comparison and lo and behold this is what emerged:

Let us now break it down. The Regulatory Recovery Fee is nothing but a money grab by Vonage, plain and simple. In essence the regulations allow them to insert a charge, just like the regulations allow the incumbent carriers to insert Federal Universal Service Fees of $4 to $7 per line. But because Vonage is only a last mile carrier, they don’t charge the FUSF but are allowed to do the RRF. Fuckers!

The Emergency 911 Fee is pure unadulterated bullshit. I’m paying for Vonage to interface with those states that screwed their E-911 systems. Nice isn’t it.

The Federal Program Fee – I think this is the drop-in replacement for the FUSF. Fuck it, they haven’t expanded broadband everywhere in this country yet so answer me, what the hell are they doing with the money?

4 thoughts on “WTF – Vonage hikes bogus fees

  1. The E911 fee is collected by phone companies but they do not keep the revenue. It is passed onto the counties and states to fund the 911 service. I used to have to explain this when I worked for a phone company.

    1. I already use Magicjack, just renewed for 5 years for $69. That works out to only $13.80 a year. I mainly use it as a voicemail bucket for my business. Also use Skype too, I’ve got a balance of about $8 in there right now. That’s just used for, um, nefarious things.

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