Top ten countries that hit this blog

So I’m finally getting enough data to do this:

  • 1. United States (US)
  • 2. Canada (CA)
  • 3. United Kingdom (GB)
  • 4. Germany (DE)
  • 5. Australia (AU)
  • 6.Brazil (BR)
  • 7. France (FR)
  • 8. India (IN)
  • 9. Israel (IL)
  • 10. New Zealand (NZ)
  • I note the U.S., Canada and UK fall at the top. All for the most part Enlish speaking countries so that makes sense.

    The surprises start at 4th place on down. Germany of all place but then I know the U.S. military has a large presence in that country, and that German firms do a lot of business with the west so that might explain it.

    Australia isn’t a surprise, they speak English too.

    Brazil is interesting. A lot of American expats there for some reason.

    France is a bit of a surprise, I’d figure not many English speakers there but you just never know.

    India – their official government language is English so it isn’t surprising.

    And finally New Zealand. From what I know the predominant language is English there too.

    It’s funny, this blog has been hit a couple times from Saudi Arabia and even the Islamic Republic of Iran. That kind of shocks me.

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