Edumacation: Look Around You

The Brits do come up with funny stuff. I present you the program “Look Around You”. It’s modeled after little educational programs in Britain during the 1970’s and 1980’s and we had similar here in the U.S. in that time period. Here are the chemical elements they cover.

Calcium Part I – Without calcium man would be unable to process food (Show’s a guy trying to eat a burger without using teeth!)

Calcium Part II

Sulfur – My Favorite because of the gun play, pay attention at 4:36 on. He unloads six rounds into the garbage to ‘destroy’ it.

Iron – note the sound effect when they drop a piece of iron.

If you want search around on YouTube for “Look Around You Module x” replacing x with a numeral between 1 and infinity. (Seriously though, I think there are only 8 episodes.) It’s funny, they do impart SOME correct items, but not all.

Sort of a shame that they aren’t making anymore but episodes to air on Adult Swim. Here’s more info on Look Around You.

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