Nancy Elliott, Anti-Gay Lawmaker, Describes Anal Sex During Public Hearing: ‘Wriggling’ Around ‘In Excrement’

Elliott is an Idiot. You aren’t wiggling it, you’re pumping it. Big difference. If you’re wiggling it you’re doing it wrong.

I love how she gets spanked but then continues to be an obstinate fool. And her arguments about the 5th graders, that comes right from the Worthless Wirthlins and is completely without any basis in reality.
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7 thoughts on “Nancy Elliott, Anti-Gay Lawmaker, Describes Anal Sex During Public Hearing: ‘Wriggling’ Around ‘In Excrement’

  1. Checked your link but couldn’t bring myself to watch the video. I am trying not to subject myself to unnecessary idiocy. My god, they’re coming out of the woodwork – like roaches.

    1. I don’t know, sometimes if they’re short they don’t nauseate me too much so I watch. It’s always good to know your enemies too, know what they look like I mean.

    1. Oh I don’t know. Granted I could get quite comfortable with the trappings of power but I’d much prefer being in the background, say a Chief of Staff position.

  2. I was alerted to this on a discussion list. The way she just describes it so matter-of-factly while the two flanking her don’t bat an eyelid is priceless. Anyway, if she thinks a guy just wiggles it around, whichever sort of orifice he has put his member into – upstairs or downstairs, back or front – she should have a word with her husband (if she has one), because if all he’s been doing is wiggling it around she won’t have had much pleasure from the marital bed and might as well take up macramé or poodle fondling.

  3. Most people here don’t take Nancy Elliott very seriously, how could they. Unfortunately, she is an elected official and we have to keep our eye on her, because she often spouts off using false or misleading information.

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