Speaker Fox on Marriage Equality

He says it’s quote “Not a priority..”. Well Speaker Fox, seeing as how 51 of your house colleagues voted for you, and that a veto proof majority in the house is what, 47 people do you think we could maybe just push it through?

And I think the Senate will follow house leadership. There the burden isn’t as heavy, we just need 24 people.

Think about that, 71 votes and we’d have marriage equality in RI.

One thought on “Speaker Fox on Marriage Equality

  1. I can’t believe that my districts lost both June Gibbs and Amy Rice, at a time when true marriage equality was within our reach. Amy is a Roman Catholic, and June is a Republican, one of the few I’ve ever voted for. Yet both represented MY FAMILY VALUES, and our current legislators have not.

    I am a “straight” woman married to one man for almost 47 years. I have two “straight” sons, both husbands and fathers. My husband is a “straight arrow” retired Naval officer and lifelong Scout and Scouter. We are both active longtime members of our church. And we are both strong advocates for equal marriage rights, and have been for many years.

    I am not currently being represented in the General Assembly, and I’m bitterly disappointed about it. Our current legislators need to learn the difference between democracy and theocracy, as well the meaning of civil marriage and separation of church and state. Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson would expect no less of them, and so do I.

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