Movies: Who is Kaspar Carr – Street Thief

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That said, it’s a documentary about a Chicago thief by the name of Kaspar Carr. Carr agreed to let the documentary makers film his exploits. About mid-way through the movie though Carr decides to hit a nightclub. It’s totally off his M.O. He only cased the place for three days and even the filmmakers were a little weirded out by his cavalier attitude.

When Carr does the nightclub job he’s all weird. The guy is a professional thief, has all the gear, the knowledge, etc. But this again is out of character.

He does one more job with the filmmakers, he hits a movie theater for over $100,000. After this the filmmakers don’t hear from Kaspar. They go by his warehouse one day and there are police vehicles all over the place.

The filmmakers call every police district and none of them have Carr in custody.

Turns out they found Carr’s Mercedes-Benz with all the doors open, blood on the seat and ground, and his personal effects strewn on the ground nearby.

To this date they haven’t found his body. I should mention that the nightclub robbery was NEVER reported to the police and owned by a gentleman with a very Ukrainian name. I’m thinking Ukrainian or Russian Mob.

The eastern European and Russian mobs are a tad bit more malicious than the Italian mob of years ago. And it would fit entirely in their profile to disappear a person who has wronged them.

Now earlier in the film the filmmakers ask what he’d be if he wasn’t a thief. He tells them that’s all he wants to be is a thief. But a little later on he theorizes he could be a good cook.

Leads me to two theories:

1) Carr was murdered because he robbed the wrong nightclub.


2) Carr staged his own murder.

Either one has a high probability.

34 thoughts on “Movies: Who is Kaspar Carr – Street Thief

  1. I just watched this movie last night and it is not a real documentary. The story is fiction with the main role played by the producer.

  2. The man is not a real thief, he’s the producer of the film. And his name is Malik Bader or something like that. I got taken except I used to be a thief back in the 70’s and 80’s and I thought, Wow, the last thing I would have ever wanted would be a camera crew following me around. Also, I never did a job without a lookout, who was usually my brother or a close friend. No, I thought to myself, this is a fake, and when I researched it I found out he was a film producer. Incidently, I’m not a thief anymore.

  3. man this fucking movie had me going but now that i did the research am pist off how dare u lie like dat and then u did it in my city muthafuka……is just my freedom of speech.

    1. nigga u’s a lame .nobody gives a fuck about yu cashing in more needa have a pair of balls to do what he did.wich u probally dnt have ..dumb bitch!

  4. I have to admit, this movie had me really believing it was a documentary. Only because the credits did NOT label any actors acting as a character. I felt so much towards Caspar that I told myself, if I find out he was locked up. I was gonna send commissary money to him. :) Sincerely. But here’s what has me not believing….The spelling of his name.
    Kasper Carr? Or is it..Caspar Karr?? See the in the movie, when he was calling the police districts, he spelled his last name with a K and the movie title is spelled different.
    Well If it is indeed a true story my heart goes out to him and his family.

  5. Kaspar wasn’t played by the producer of the documentary, but by Malik Bader, still very much alive. You can see pictures of him at the screening at the Tribeca Film Fest.

  6. He probably staged his murder n feels out side the USA! I mean think bout it. He freaks out cuz the cam. Crew is in the night club watching him. Kasper prob had it all set up cuz he knew the club owner! kasper but he never told the club owner he was gonna hit his club n he found out didn’t report it cuz then the cops would already have motive n kasper

  7. He probably staged his murder n feels out side the USA! I mean think bout it. He freaks out cuz the cam. Crew is in the night club watching him. Kasper prob had it all set up cuz he knew the club owner! kasper but he never told the club owner he was gonna hit his club n he found out didn’t report it cuz then the cops would already have motive n kasper knew that so he staged his death knowing the bar owner would do that so he wouldnt be set up for the murder but kasper staged his death b4 the owner could get to him n left the use with all his money soche can kick the fuck back n just enjoy his damn life! I mean fuck isn’t that what everyone is tring to to do make enough money so they have nothing to worry bout n can do anything

  8. Documentary or not; I think the film is meant to lead you to believe he staged his own death. I think the name “Kasper Carr” is a play on words that foreshadows the ending. Has no one thought of kasper (like casper the ghost) and carr as in; leaving a ‘ghost car’ behind as the only evidence of his existence. Its like a fake name and it was ‘his’ (or the producers) grand scheme to pull the job and leaving nothing but a ‘kasper carr’ and a behind. Of course there were enough clues to lead you theorize in many directions about the ending. I thought it was a very fun and witty psychological movie.

    1. Spot on…I enjoy comparing it to valamir nabakov’s book “despair”. Man meets a his homeless lookalike and plans to murder him for his life insurance. Book ends two ways and small puns and riddles hint at what happened. It kinda seems like a cheap trick when you spell it out But nonetheless engaging well executed

  9. to add… The story is fiction for those who are unsure. I think the line on the over “Who is Kasper Carr?” is inspired by Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged” which constantly questions “Who is John Galt”. John Galt also happen to disappear from society to create a world for the forward thinkers (artists, inventors, entrepreneurs and alike). Ayn Rand used the line as a common figure of speech, and later in the book as literal question, I think the producer (and star) Malik wanted people to take this question initially as a question of ‘who is he as a person’ since he was clearly hiding himself on a deep personal level. And secondly, as a literal question which is meant to lead you to the answer that kasper carr is nobody. its a setup, the answer leads you play on words which was my whole premise on the movie as explained in my last post.

    1. “Despair” by Nabakov is to this movie as “heart of darkness” by Conrad was to “apocalypse now”. That’s how I saw it at least…cleaver entertainment nonetheless

  10. I came to the decision that he hit the biggest score of his career, staged his death because obviously “Slicks” was a big mistake, or was someone that he knew. Thats why he spazzed out on the camera crew. if you think back to when they were hunting, the blood left behind came from the deer or whatever the hell he wanted to shoot…leaving “real” blood at the scene. Remember He was always two steps ahead!

  11. this was a great movie however i wish it would have been real but even though it’s not it still give it 4.5 stars

  12. I think this fool made you guys think too hard he cut up his body in certain spots to frame his murder now he is in Mexico drinking on the beach I had a good conversation with him he made 97000 off that night club everybody is so suspicious about oh and I can’t say his real name but it is not Kaspersky Carr

  13. Damn… this movie had me feeling like I could do a burgulry and get away with it too.Learn alittle something everyday.

  14. its A FAKE! remember when “Kasper” wrote how much money he was getting.. thats not important but the way he wrote it, with his hand. Now look at the producer when he calling all the police stations looking for “Kasper” it’s funny how he writes in the same style manner they way “Kasper” did. (check it out).

  15. The docu wasn’t real, but came really close to the real thing. I’ve been a safe cracker for a couple of years and I must say. This came really close to the real thing, even the guy telling about that you have to take a shit when you hit a place. That also happend to me almost every time.
    It where the credits that gave it away for me. The producer and the first name in the credits where the same.
    All in all a very good film. I would almost start doing it again. The tensions and addictions are addictive…..

  16. whether real or not it was a good film about burglary, everything he talked about doing was 100% true and will work for anybody so if you want to find out plan a job. It’s obvious he staged his death a couple cuts for blood and there you have it, the whole Russian club theory was just to take the attention away from the staged death that guy had nothing to do with it, collateral damage that’s all. The only reason he didn’t want the camera crew asking what he would do if not being a thief, he knew he couldn’t reveal what he would eventually be doing with his life after the final score?????

  17. When he pulled the drawer open at slicks and touched the cash and then reacted so crazily is because he probably found some bricks.

    Next thing you know it took him 2 months to get rid of it. It catches back up to him and he gets whacked. See? It got my philosophy and everyone else here to think of “I think this happened.”

    Real or not, I liked it.

    Then again if it’s fake, then it’s all a get up and I doubt there was even a factual thief to begin with… just what does a theif do? And the slicks bit and all that crap is just to illicit a what if scenario.

  18. Seth Everett Bullock on face book above gave everyone the link that explains things… How did it feel to get taken?

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