Reading: Cheating Death

I’m now reading Cheating Death by Sanjay Gupta, M.D. It ties in nicely with the last book I read which was “The Department of Mad Scientists” by Michael Belfiore.

Gupta covers new therapies that stave off death until more advance treatment can be reached. E.g. cryonics, hydrogen sulfide, suspended animation (Or as he calls it dimming) etc. In essence slow things down so that a soldier injured on the battlefield can ‘survive’ until better treatment is available.

He also covers the new CCR, the 100 push per minute resuscitation method. Apparently a couple of factors can influence your survival in the case of a cardiac event. Prime among them are bystanders that know how to implement CCR.

CCR is REALLY simple. Call 911 first and then follow the video:

The statistics of CCR are interesting. They triple to to quadruple survival rates. When I think about it we should be teaching basic first aid to high school kids including the above method.

No surprise that much of this work is DARPA sponsored, which ties in with my mentioning the Belfiore book.

More interesting is that I just chose this book because the title captured my interest. That’s why I love browsing the new books section of my local library.

3 thoughts on “Reading: Cheating Death

    1. I’m happy you like the video. Yes, it makes much more sense. Gupta mentions one anecdote where CCR was being performed on a gentleman who went into cardiac arrest. When they’d pump his eyes would open. When they stopped pumping his eyes closed. It was the brain controlling that. So they figured keep the oxygenated blood pumping and you can buy maybe 10 minutes or so.

      Administer sodium sulfide and you can put them in what Gupta refers to as “dim” mode and extend the window of treatment out to hours, not just minutes. Couple in cryonics and you’ve can pretty much keep them in that dim or twilight state for days.

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